City Hall in the Spin Zone!

Do we really need a new City Hall in San Juan Capistrano? According to Mayor Uso, the current location is “toxic” and he “will not leave our employees in that mess one minute more than I have to.” However, a recent tour of the facility by residents and professional tradesmen proves that those stating the “need” for a new City Hall are stuck in the spin zone.

The current spin from City Council and staff is that they are working in a trailer. Yes, the building is made of metal and was meant to be temporary but it is not a trailer. It is a building constructed of steel and very sturdy. The alleged problems connected with the need for a new building include: flooding during rain, energy inefficient, outdated and limited electrical, inadequate IT, not ADA compliant, no fire sprinklers, outgrowing space, and mold infestation. But here are the facts:

Flooding: Yes, the roof leaks in spots because it has not been properly maintained--easily remedied. And, contrary to the spin, no flooding has occurred.

Energy inefficiency: There is no insulation between the ceiling and the metal roof--easily remedied.
Outdated and limited electrical: not true at all, although some of the work that has been performed is substandard--easily remedied.

Inadequate IT: More efficient additions can be made--easily remedied.

ADA compliance: Since the building was built before these requirements existed, it’s true that the bathrooms and counter-tops are not compliant. But guess what? That can be easily remedied.

Fire sprinklers: True, there are no fire sprinklers in the existing building but they can easily be added when the insulation is added and the ceiling is already removed.

City Hall is too small: The number of City employees has outgrown the existing space, as one might expect. But how about this for an idea: instead of spending millions of dollars on a new facility, let’s reduce the number of employees. Cut the frills and social engineering programs and get back to the basics--public safety, infrastructure, and water. Problem solved.

Mold Infestation: NONE exists. This is the most serious spin, or some might call it lie, that has been circulated by Mayor Uso and those who want a new City Hall. No remedy required because THERE IS NO MOLD!

City Hall needs to do what the rest of us are doing right now--tighten their belts and live within their means. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Less government control, fewer employees to take care of, less space required for City business all equal no need for a new City Hall.


Anonymous said...

Time to rid SJC and this Country of lying politicans with interests only on how to line their own pockets with no regard to We The People. We elect them and give them their "jobs" and we can take them away... said...

If there is really a need, there is an abundance of surplus office space available from the Capo school district and other landlords in the community. Maybe the school district could work out a deal for abatement of property taxes in lieu of free rent. Better yet, reduce the number of employees and consolidate work functions at the current location.

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