Hello everybody and welcome to the inaugural issue of “Capistrano Common Sense”. This publication is a joint venture of local residents who share concerns about the issues facing our city, San Juan Capistrano. We hope to bring a “grass roots” perspective to you the in the hopes that you will gain a better understanding of what is going on around you. We strive to present what might be best described as a “constitutional conservative” or a “fiscal conservative” point of view.

The name of our publication is obviously taken from our own nation’s history, from a series of writings known as “Common Sense”, written by Thomas Paine in 1776. He was advocating independence from the tyrannical British government. Due in part to his thinking and writing, the American Revolution came to pass. Probably the most famous line written in that pamphlet was “These are the times that try men’s souls”.

Now here we are in 2010 and we could not think of a more appropriate line to describe what we are living- through. Some of the details are different but the same basic issue is in play all these years later. We are talking about a person’s freedom from a government that has grown too large, too strong, and too expensive. Day by day we are losing control over our own lives to a government run “Nanny State”.

This scenario is being played out at all levels of government – From the local level up to the Federal level. We will mostly be concerning ourselves with city issues but will occasionally expand our scope to look at the upper levels of government.

Some of the issues that are on our plate for discussion are: Spending tax money on “Open Space” deals that might not be as smart as they appear to be; Embracing the concept of “Affordable Housing” and putting millions of dollars into these wealth redistribution schemes; City overreaching by going into various business where they are competing, unfairly, with the private sector; Spending huge amounts of tax dollars, during a devastating recession, on questionable projects like a new city hall and a skateboard park; Sanctuary city practices like supporting service providers who aid and abet illegal immigrants with public money; Plunging headlong into the forward edge of the expensive “Go green” movement, and many others.

We feel that a little common sense applied to our City government should tell one that beyond filling potholes, maintaining our infra-structure, providing a safe living environment, and maybe hosting the Fourth of July event and a few others, they shouldn’t be doing too much else. This is good governance.

We will close this, our first editorial column with another quote from “Common Sense” – “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot may, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and the thanks of man and woman.”

It is said that real change only comes from the bottom up, not from the top down. We believe that this will be the case in our city. Here and now we are both men and women standing up together and we call for you to stand up with us!

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