a concerned white woman for the empowerment and equality of SJC said...

This is disgusting, racist BS. Tell me, do you believe you would be living your sweet little rich lives in San Juan Capistrano if you were perhaps born in Mexico--or even born into a Hispanic family in Southern California. Do not blame the race for being "underserved" or of need of welfare benefits because what you have obviously failed to note is the fact that Hispanic and Mexican-American populations are not given the same opportunities for education and employment due to society's inability to combat racism and understand inequalities. It is a vicious cycle: those who are pushed out of the workforce and funneled into menial jobs that do not offer promotion opportunities or gains in salary keep this population in a state of poverty in which they have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, which as a result stifles their ability to raise their children because they are working their lives away, and because most likely they were not able to recieve higher education because they do not have the money to make that happen because of their limited job availablity (AND SOCIETY FAILS TO UNDERSTAND THIS INEQUALITY EMBEDDED IN SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO) then their children too are unable to have their higher education paid for that they so desperately need to succeed in the workforce. Everything that is blamed on race in this article is actually the writers fault, along with the many many other naive, ignorant, and racist people who want to believe that this "underserved" population chose to be poor and undereducated... when in fact they have kept it that way. Want to make a change... how about have your taxpayer money go towards grants, education, university scholarships, after-school programs and not towards the perpetuation of this cycle through such BS as this "editorial"

Anonymous said...

There will be lots of support my dear for this editorial. We no longer want to pay for food, shelter, cars, cell phones for people who don't know how or want to learn how to take care of themselves.

No one paid for my education, scholorship, after-school programs, etc.

There is probably a large percentage of hispanics that were born and raised here that resent this influx of "needy and dependent" people that can't help themselves as well. What makes matters worse is that they all have 4 or 5 kids that they can't take care of.

I will not go into certain places in SJC where they congregate as they have destroyed many areas here which were once beautiful and well taken care of. Where does one learn cleanliness and how to take care of things??? Should we send them to college for that???

I personally don't care what color they are, but you seem to feel that shaming people by calling them racist will change minds and influence people when in fact it just exacerbates the problem. The race card longer works!! If that's what you want to call me because I'm standing up for the America that I love then I guess I am one. You are just now seeing the backlash of things to come. The American people will no longer stand by and watch this country go down the tubes!!!!


I think the City of San Juan Capistrano should recruit Sheriff Joe Arpalo to move here.

A Tax-paying Concerned SJC Citizen

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!!! Kim McCarthy
SJC Resident and mother of three.
Thank you for giving voice to the concerns of countless long time San Juan Capistrano residents. Here is hoping that this will be the beginning of taking our town back to the beautiful town that it was 30-40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in the same house here in SJC since I was five years old. Boy have things changed. Now in my thirties and raising my son here, I question whether this is the place to do it. My street was nice back then, now it is overloaded with cars (and sometimes it's 4+ cars to one household), trash, and irresponsible parents (all hispanic) who don't watch their liter of children. I once saw a small hispanic child urinating on the sidewalk, along with her hispanic grandmother who thought is was cute and funny. This must be their "way of life" in TJ, but it isn't ours. CLEAN IT UP!

Now for the issue of illegals. Come on people, how stupid are you? An illegal is an illegal is an illegal. Do the laws not apply to everyone? Or are we going to just choose the ones we want to follow?

Santuary? Get real.

On second thought, I think I'll send my kid to school in Mission Viejo. At least the teachers there will speak ENGLISH...our countrys language.

Bill Barrett said...

I doubt that any God-fearing citizen of SJC will agree with this bigotted post. I am extremely disgusted and ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I take issue with the comment that "...Hispanic and Mexican-American populations are not given the same opportunities for education and employment...".

You're right; actually, they're given much more disproportionately than middle and upper class taxpayers. For example, look at Title 1 funding in the public school system. My understanding is that it's based on how many students are given "free and reduced price lunches" paid for by the taxpayers. If a school has a large number of students getting free and reduced price lunches (as is the case at several of our elementary schools in SJC) then the school is awarded a substantial amount of extra funding every year (I've heard that one school gets somewhere around $1 million).

Then there's the free tutoring that middle and upper-income earners are not entitled to that the "Hispanic and Mexican-American population" get, and the tuition breaks that low-income students get that students from middle and upper-income families aren't entitled to (because apparently, they're only good for paying the bills). The list of freebies and entitlements that the "Hispanic and Mexican-American population" get that middle income taxpayers don't get is long.

So, you're right, it's not equal; the groups you mentioned get far MORE in free benefits than the average middle income taxpayer. And the groups you mentioned absolutely get far more in benefits than what they pay in taxes.

The cost of educating even one child amounts to well over $120,000 through high school. And if the student drops out (which many do), then all that "investment" has been wasted because a drop out working at a minimum wage job doesn't pay enough in taxes to support all the freebies they get from the rest of the wage earners who actually do pay taxes.

You don't need even a high school education to do the math and figure out that subsidizing entire generations of welfare recipients is unsustainable.

That's why so many people are fed up with illegal immigration and resent those who are here illegally.

Anonymous said...

As a concerned tax-paying citizen who has raised her family on the fundamentals and morals of Christianity, I must agree with the first post regarding the racial judgment woven throughout this article. Perhaps it is because I do not believe in judging others or because I think it is of upmost value to consider the lives of others, and the adversities that they may have endured that are much different from my own life, that I feel that this article is drenched in not only racism, but scapegoating.
As a white female reader, I am modest and honest enough to understand that I have been given a handful of opportunities in life that I do not think would be available to the Mexican-American communities within San Juan Capistrano. Like the above reader, I too paid for my education while both of my parents worked however neither they nor I suffered the racism and scapegoating that has been demonizing the Latino community in San Juan Capistrano and therefore were afforded better opportunities in life. When you are raising children and do not have money to put food on the table it is very difficult to obtain a higher education that will give one the opportunity to be employed in higher paying sectors and therefore raise their own children with the same opportunities. I think it takes a big person with a humble conscience to understand and admit this cycle and realize that race is a huge implication in deciding socio-economic status.
As I am also a mother of three, I have always taught my children to be humble and grateful and understand they are LUCKY; their mom worked hard, however I was granted with the opportunities to work hard--I never was plagued with stereotyping or judgement growing up and never saw my parents suffer as a result of job employment bias and their inability to work enough jobs BECAUSE of their race. What a beautiful thing to love and not judge others; to see people through a positive perspective with empathy (or atleast sympathy--as I assume much of these readers will be white) and understanding. It is so easy to cast hate and blame on the poor and struggling but in the end what does that really do? Perhaps giving families the means to break this awful cycle and have the same opportunities as whites,
I dissapprove of the above reader saying that 'there is probably a large percentage of hispanics that were born and raised here that resent this influx of "needy and dependent" people that can't help themselves as well' as it is clear that he/she has no understanding of the community's needs or desires... what does it mean to say there are "probably" some hispanics out there who want to see their neighbors benefits taken away because they dont deserve them because they should be making as much money as the white community--and after all I worked hard and I am not on benefits--why cant they just be like me?...it is this sort of negativity in which racism brews. What is different is that whites are given different opportunities and therefore make more money...even the African American population is still struggling to gain even ground with the white community as the civil rights only just began to stop discrimination in employment.
Because Orange County politics tends to mean nothing more than voting with your pocket book, I would once again like to say that I am a working and tax-paying citizen who can only HOPE that my taxpaying money goes towards such establishments that help racial minorities and help those in poverty lift themselves out so perhaps their children will be afforded opportunities for success in the future. I would love for my taxpaying money to go towards help and understanding--helping make this nation even better--than towards greed.

Anonymous said...

in continuation of my previous post:

I know this editorial will well-find itself into the hands of faithful like-minded readers as it is speaking towards a very popular audience in Orange County, however I would like to encourage everyone to look outside of themselves and think about what their lives would be like if they were Mexican-Americans SJC residents and hurried white, wealthy families looked down upon them as unhuman pests in which they need to congregate online and through this editorial to find out what to do about them. Wouldn't it just be wisest to stop the judgment and perhaps take down the wall between white and Latino SJC citizens to enquire upon their own needs?
And lastly, I hardly know how to place this comment (again from the reader above) as it so bluntly so hurtful and spiteful:
'I will not go into certain places in SJC where they congregate as they have destroyed many areas here which were once beautiful and well taken care of. Where does one learn cleanliness and how to take care of things??? Should we send them to college for that???'
Please remember that San Juan Capistrano which was 'once beautiful and well taken care of' was made that way and given that culture through the Latino community--it was first Spain's and then Mexico's...the Mexicans were here before the whites were ('we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us'--that is what that means).
As a taxpaying, caucasian citizen I would like to say that I love the diversity within SJC and am never threatened by other races. Again, I can only hope that my taxpaying money goes towards helping others.

Anonymous said...

for those worried about their taxpaying money and big government:

middle class American families are paying tax rates 20% lower under this administration than under the Reagan administration, with tax revenues below those of Reagan's administration.

Didn't everyone think that Reagan was the super-Republican that proposed tax cuts?

Just something to educate the unknown and fearful of a looming big government.

Anonymous said...

Again, this is not about color: Its about right versus wrong and the culture within the Hispanic community that believes they are entitled. Stick to the facts and look at the statistics. If it was a whole influx of "white" people that were draining our taxes, living in substandard dwellings because there were 10 or more to a simple living space, breaking the law by being here illegally (no respect of our laws) using their debit cards we pay for to get "cash" instead of food, what would you be saying?

One of the posts above stated the following "When you are raising children and do not have money to put food on the table it is very difficult to obtain a higher education that will give one the opportunity to be employed in higher paying sectors and therefore raise their own children with the same opportunities".

I say don't keep having children that you can't provide for. Very Simple.

Anonymous said...

It's Bush's fault:
Middle class American familities are paying tax rates 20% lower because of the Bush tax cuts which by the way will be expiring and NOT renewed by the current admin. Stick to the facts please.

I agree with helping people that are helping themselves and need assistance. There are plenty of U.S. Citizens that I would not object to helping. I can't justify giving handouts to people that are here illegally in the first place, and sneaking across the Mexican border to have your baby here shouldn't qualify you.

Anonymous said...

"Crisis of Culture" - a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self. It is a culture based in the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me".
Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly things will change.

Kim McCarthy said...

I just read all of the posts, what I am most curious about is the accusations of racism. Not one word of this article mentioned race or ethnicity.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is an ACTION and with it comes CONSEQUENCES... these consequences negatively affect American Citizens Economy and their families public safety.

Skin color, ethnicity, has nothing to do with it.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION doesn't work...it is destroying the infrastructure of our cities one by one, L.A., Santa Ana, SJC.... it is ILLEGAL.

Stick to the facts and this blog will be more productive. Thank you, KIM MCCARTHY

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this is a blog to vent hatred and frustrations towards Mexican Americans. I have lived many places in the world, including recently San Juan, and I have never lived in such a racist and xenophobic area in all of my life. I have travelled all within the UK and around Europe and have never encountered this sort of racism. It is embarassing to represent America's racism abroad especially when it is talked about and looked down upon so much--living in England now, my friends and co-workers would not believe such trash talking about America's neighbours. This is unbelievable and very, very sad. I take pity on those who are so hateful towards a race.

Anonymous said...

This is a great topic with great points.All i would like to say the race card will be thrown everytime this is brought up cause they can and our government allows it. Why do you think our richest state is now the poorest.I was in line at the grocery store in laguna niguel the other day and a women had 5 transactions in front of me all seperated 3 of wich were being paid for by wic,and of course she didnt get the right items.the part that kills me is she had money cause the last 2 transactions were paid in cash,cigarettes,alcohol,candy.She was hispanic,pregnant,and had 2 kids with her and yes she had a newer chevy pick up with custom rims and tires on it.Its madness i tell you!

Yet there is such a pride for there country that i cant understand.You here of how bad it is down there which we all know it is yet they wave thier flags in our country and live the way they did there, here.

Well i also am disgusted with the way our sity caters to and shelters the illegals.We used to have 1 of the most beautiful citys to be in in Orange County. Its still nice but the poor quality of our public schools,graffiti in our neighborhoods,and the trash that is dumped in our streets is why its not so glamorous anymore.

If the illegals love our country so much,abide our laws,go through the system like everyone else does to become a citizen.and work hard in our schools to get an education so that you wont have to work medial jobs that the " concerned white women for empowerment of equality in San Juan " wtote.I've seen the changes as everyone else and to where we are headed into the future is scary.

I hope our city takes more drastic measures to erraticate the gang issue here in town but i doubt it.Mandate who is renting to who and how many people can live in a home,but i doubt it,Be a city with some balls and take a stand,but i doubt it.I would not have an issue as well as some of the others here with this if they were being a part of the Amercian dream not part of the disembodied America.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, I entered in "racism in san juan capistrano" into google and an article in OC weekly came up regarding none other than Kim McCarthy... I guess I wasn't wrong in claiming that she is on a mission of gentrification in which she wants Mexicans out of sight, taken from OC weekly: 'McCarthy’s litany of critiques, presented in bullet form to the board and published about a month later in TheOrange County Register, focused on the presence of the Spanish language at the school, whether on signs, school forms, spoken between students or parents and administrators, or on symbols such as the Mexican flag painted alongside the American flag in the student mural'

Having attended both Marco Forster and Capistrano Valley High School, I am disgusted that someone would want to 'assimilate' immigrants of their culture. Isn't this what America is--the country of immigrants--a celebration of diversity--of different cultures and religions??? The only population in America that is not immigrant is the Native American Indian population, and apart from that we are ALL immigrants. I hope that gentrification does not wipe out the rich diversity of San Juan Capistrano. I feel undeservedly blessed for being born caucasian and I sympathize deeply for the racism that still continues for Mexican Americans in 2010. Sad, sad.

Let the Mexican Americans tell you if they feel they have been prejudiced: (from work cited earlier)

Anonymous said...

McCarthy and the Latino Menace!

She obviously must be a descedant of Senator McCarthy who created the Red Scare! Watch out for the Mexican Americans--they are ruining white culture!!!

If you don't like San Juan Capistrano then leave it! Go somewhere white enough for you where you are not threatened that you cannot understand Spanish

Kim McCarthy said...

Per an earlier anonymous post calling me a racist based on an OC Register interpretation of a speech I made at a CUSD school board meeting, please read the exact speech below. I beleive in accuracy not biased interpretation.

Also note: In my opinion the AMERICAN CULTURE is comprised of all ethnicities and the #1 culture in this country. When people divide themselves or others, for any reason, while ignoring our laws -- true DISCRIMINATION is at work.

Speech at CUSD:

"Thank you to the trustees for omitting on the blue request to speak card, the requirement of stating your children's name and school they attended. I can tell you first hand my involvement in the original recall landed me and my family's names on the enemies list. As a result, I was reluctant to speak before the previous Board majority.

"My concern tonight is this: For the last 2 years my daughter has attended Marco Forster Middle School, and before her my son attended Marco. Consequently, I have spent a significant amount of time at Marco, yet I have never been comfortable there. Why? Because this school is operated as if it is a Mexican Public School, not an American Public School.

• The Mexican flag is painted on the multi-purpose room wall next to the portrait of a Mexican man with a quote in Spanish.

• Many signs throughout the school at various events are in Spanish.

• Most everyone behind the office counter is often electing to speak Spanish.

• Many a time have I been sitting in the office when the principal walks in, Carrie Bertini, and she is choosing to speak in Spanish instead of English as well.

• The messages on the phones are in Spanish, all of the paperwork is in both Spanish and English.

• On parent teacher night when parents only are requested, many of the Latinos bring their children anyway, as interpretors.

• An awards ceremony at the end of the school year was given in English and then parents had to painstakingly sit through it interpreted by teachers in Spanish to the gasps of the many English-speaking parents.

• Subsequently, due to the way in which this school is run, my daughter and her friends say Spanish is spoken by the majority of Latino's in the hallway who are perfectly capable of speaking English. Why not, when the principle is doing it and no one is telling them any different! Is this promoting assimilation? NO, it promotes divisiveness!

"There are 140 languages spoken by California's children. Is the CUSD prepared to include them on all paperwork, the phone system, speak their language at awards ceremonies and represent their flags on the wall as well?

"What happened to PROP. 227, "REQUIRING ALL PUBLIC SCHOOL INSTRUCTION TO BE CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH?" I consider anything that goes on in the public school system as some form of instruction.

"Even more disturbing, why is the Catholic organization CHEC, allowed to promote themselves using our public school system? This is a religious organization targeting one race in our public school. Is this even legal? If so, why don't they make a check out to the CUSD Foundation for ALL of the children of CUSD?

"Why is the principle of Marco, Carrie Bertini, getting involved in San Juan Capistrano's local politics and attending the 5/6/2008 City Council meeting to speak on behalf of the Catholic organization CHEC when residents of SJC were opposing the city renewing CHEC's license to operate in one of our residential neighborhoods? And let me make it very clear, because I have it on tape, she introduced herself as the principal of Marc Forster Middle School and identified herself once more during her speech that she was the principal. Miss Bertini gave out her own statistics, crediting her schools relationship with CHEC for a drop in expulsion.

"The divisiveness at Marco is disturbingly out of control and it appears, is being perpetuated by the principal."

Sean Knotts said...

I am absolutely appalled by the discussions within this blog. Kim McCarthy you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. Your speech, followed by your bullet points are repulsive. As much as you would like to assert that this is not a 'race' issue, it truly is. I worry that there may be some confusion in regards to what exactly racism is. Since the majority of these posts are riddled with typographical errors, I assume I am speaking to an audience unfamiliar with the dictionary. I will make it easy for you.

Racism is defined as follows: "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."

Thus, comments such as the following ARE RACIST: "She was hispanic,pregnant,and had 2 kids with her and yes she had a newer chevy pick up with custom rims and tires on it.Its madness i tell you!", and "Again, this is not about color: Its about right versus wrong and the culture within the Hispanic community that believes they are entitled. Stick to the facts and look at the statistics."

This blog is (to put it plainly) a forum for xenophobes. Kim MacCarthy, why you are so fearful of individuals opting to speak in tongues and school districts supporting this, is beyond me. The world we live in today IS NOT the world you grew up in. Your nostalgic remembrances of the past are no longer valid approaches to our contemporary society.

We live in the 21st century and for those of you contributing to this blog who do not keep up with current affairs (and FOX News is not a valid News source) we are facing a global climate in which the United States may not have the hegemony it currently enjoys. Many of you will have serious issues with this I am sure. Many of you will no doubt be uncomfortable with an increasingly globalized world in which technology shatters the borders that used to divide is. As the rest of the world is brought closer to you all, I can only hope you face the challenges it presents with an open mind. Mexico and mexicans should be seen as a positive in this climate. A special relationship with those we share a border with (Canada and Mexico) should be fostered.

With the rise of China, India, and the European Union as prominent economic players within the global market, I would imagine most would see Mexico as a benefit. The opportunity to learn a second language is truly a blessing and not to mention a strong benefit when entering the career sector. I wish my family had encouraged me to take up Spanish as a second language, as the opportunities it could bring are immense.

I am not an anonymous writer. My name is Sean Colin Knotts. I am an Orange County resident, however I am studying History at University of California Santa Barbara. I have participated in Student Senate at Santa Barbara City College, where I served as a student representative on the College Trustee Board. In many ways Santa Barbara faces similar issues that SJC is presented with. However their approach is far different and it makes for a much stronger community. In embracing their Spanish/Mexican/Indian heritage, Santa Barbara has established an incredible uniqueness.

Sean Knotts said...

Continued from previous post...

I was not offended when upon graduating from Santa Barbara City College, members of the Mexican community chose to accept their awards in Spanish so that their families could both understand and appreciate their success. Nor was I disturbed that a member of our Board of Trustees, as well as a member of the state-wide Board of Governors, was an active member within the Latino community.

I understand that your fears are plagued by your notions of the 'other'. It is a difficult exercise to step out of oneself in order to appreciate all of humanity. Instead of attaching stereo-types and qualities characteristic of the Mexican race, I would challenge you all to think about the issues that plague an underrepresented minority that faces poverty as well as stigmatization.

The views expressed in this blog represent a minority within California. The majority of voters in this state will continue to out-vote the ridiculous outlooks encapsulated within this blog.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with you people? What happened to you? You sound like a bunch of sheep. So, according to your logic “Breaking the Law” is acceptable as long as you were born in poverty? Is that what you teach your children? Do you actually “condone” destroying property? What do you think this part of country would look like if Mexico was still in charge? Right is right and wrong is wrong; period! And you claim you don’t want to be judgmental! How disingenuous and hypocritical!

Immigrants from the past were not given taxpayer handouts and they did just fine. One does not place value on something free. It must be earned to appreciate.

It’s hard to believe that there seems to be so many of you that find this behavior acceptable? Well, fine, go ahead and give them everything for free but do me a favor and leave my taxpayer dollars alone. Taxpayers who are against freeloaders and lawbreakers should be given the right to channel their funds towards responsible and sensible behavior.

And to the other liberal professor regarding tax cuts, between the Federal and State, taxes today are higher than they ever were with no end in sight! Just thought you might want to be educated, as well!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why some of these people are so ready to make accusations of racism. Again, it is their way of stifling what needs to be addressed. They are not looking at the stats and problems caused by the illegal immigrant problem even though it is ruining California and of course SJC. We have a right as taxpayers to object to how our money is being spent as well as what hardships our children have to face each day in school. When you are here illegally, you shouldn't have a voice in ANYTHING! Some of these liberal posts are part of a "progressive" movement that is destroying the American way of life.

I can tell you that the "majority" of people in San Juan Capistrano DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE ILLEGALS. I don't know why people are not standing up to this problem more than they are. But I can tell you that knowledge is power and the more we know and hear about what is going on - the more people WILL get involved.

I am with you 100%. Keep up the Capistrano Common Sense newsletter and we just might get things turned around!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Theodore Rooselvelt said...

Have you Americans learned nothing from your history books? Obviously many of you have not.
You forget what you have enjoyed because of your forefathers. Let me remind you of a speech I gave in 1907.

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

and finally I will add,

"The effort to keep our citizenship divided against itself by the use of the hyphen and along the lines of national origin is certain to a breed of spirit of bitterness and prejudice and dislike between great bodies of our citizens. If some citizens band together as German-Americans or Irish-Americans, then after a while others are certian to band together as English-Americans or Scandinavian-Americans, and every such banding together, every attempt to make for political purposes a German-American alliance or a Scandinavian-American alliance, means down at the bottom an effort against the interest of straight-out-American citizenship, an effort to bring our nation the bitter Old World rivalries and jealousies and hatreds."

Yours Truely, Teddy

Patrick Crowley said...

Try a new perspective by adding a reader comment at the OC Register blog below.

Please limit your online comments to avoid turning off readers with lengthy comments.


Patrick Crowley

a californian said...

"Here is hoping that this will be the beginning of taking our town back to the beautiful town that it was 30-40 years ago."
Here is hoping that it's the beginning of taking our WHOLE STATE back to the beautiful state that it was 30-40 years ago, when there was no gang crime, no Mexican mafia planting dope on all our beautiful state and federal wilderness parks, no grafitti on all our public buildings, no trash in our civic parks and playgrounds, and when we had the number one public school system and the number one quality of life and infrastructure of all 50 states.

Sean Knotts: as a privileged, idealistic college student, no doubt having your way paid by your parents, you simply have no clue what you are talking about. You are too young to remember what California used to look like when it was clean, gang-free, crime-free, First World-status instead of Third World-status, and not bankrupt. Moreover, as a college student, you do not pay taxes and you have no understanding of the fact that we "lesser people" have mortgages to pay for and children to support, and that it's getting harder and harder to do that while being taxed through the nose to pay for freebies for foreign lawbreakers who NEVER STOP COMING.

--Just sign me, a middle-aged native Californian who can remember what life was like before the Third Worlders invaded

Anonymous said...

Mr Sean Collins is talking about how apalling this topic is and writes about the hispanics accepting their awards, and thats awesome.Thats what I'm talking about.Working hard to become apart of American civilization and to do great things in this country.Problem is were talking aboout illegal immigration and tired of struggling to live our day to day lives where illegals are enjoying a free ride.Mexico is a benefit to us.Why do think there isnt a wall between us.Because we use mexico for so many things from manufacturing to agriculture.You should be just as upset as the rest of us.We are living in a broke state and its gonna get worse. Tired of working hard to put food on another familys plate.When was the last time anyone saw an illegal homeless person.I sure havent,yet the food banks are filled with illegals when the door opens and wiped out before the true poor in the community can get to it.The point that Kathy is making which i get is that our public school system,especially here in San Juan,which i went to,is in shambles.Instead of being predominately english being taught at our schools we are shifting to spanish as the 1st language making it harder for our kids to get a good education.the good thing is they are learning a second language but its by force not an elective as it used to be.This slows classes down and also because of the influx of immigration into this state our class sizes have grown dramatically.Kinda hard to fix the problem when those only a few of us willing to speak out.The rest just turn their heads and ignore the situation.

Damn right as taxpayers we have a right to speak out and thats what more people need to do.if this wasnt an important topic,there wouldnt be so many posts about it now would there.As much as we all talk about equality,there isnt any.No matter what race you are.Thats why certain areas are predominately a certain race.ie,1 community might be mostly persian,another might be mostly chinese,another hispanic etc. we stick together.Is that racist?No. I dont have a problem with that,The problem is those that are refusing to go through the process of becoming citizens and contributing to this country just like the rest of us.That could be anyone.

a californian said...

I understand that your fears are plagued by your notions of the 'other'. It
Only a myopic, idealistic, rich, white college student, whose tuition and dorm fees are no doubt being paid for 100 percent by daddy, could make such a self-righteous, ignorant statement.


Sure, it's easy for you to look down your nose on them, rich boy. They are just lowly blue-collar and lower-middle class Americans -- firefighters, teachers, black kids who can't find entry level jobs at McDonalds anymore -- native-born Americans who have paid taxes to this state for 10,20,30 years, and then suddenly find themselves out of work because they don't speak the language of foreign lawbreakers. Why heck, most of them probably don't even listen to NPR or know what the ACLU is, or shop at Whole Foods, the barbarians! They need oh-so-englightened Sean to criticize their grammar and spelling, and show them the true path!

Of course you don't care about THOSE people, do you, Sean? You don't get self-congratulatory brownie points in the rich white liberal la-la land circles you undoubtedly move in if you worry about that 65-year-old native-born nursing home attendant who gets fired because she can't speak Spanish, or about that elderly native-born couple who can't retire now because their life savings have been sunk into a home that they can't sell because it's lost 40 percent of its value due to their "changing" (i.e., trashed) neighborhood, or about that old white person dying in a nursing home and suffering from incredible loneliness because the attendants don't speak his or her language, or that schoolteacher who paid taxes to Sacramento for 30 years but now can't get a job in the same school system her 30 years of taxes paid for, because she doesn't speak Spanish.

No, you don't get points in rich white liberal la-la land for caring about THOSE people, do you Sean? Much easier patting yourself on the back for your "tolerance" and screaming "racism" at anyone who disagrees with you, rather than really trying to understand that people have a legitimate reason for being angry.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents immigrated here from Sweden by way of Ellis Island. They had to learn English to become American Citizens. Why are we defending people who are here illegally. What part of illegal don't they understand ? If you feel so strong about the United States, then become a citizen of our country, then join the military defending our country.


Illegals Aren't Immigrants, They're CRIMINALS!!!

The Huddled Masses Have To Get In Line And Go Through The Legal Process Just Like EVERYONE Else!!...Round 'em up, Kick 'em out, SEAL THE BORDER!!!

Kim McCarthy said...

FROM: Kim McCarthy-below is from NumbersUSA.com,
'JOBS CAUCUS'...read and take action! (P.S. re: my speach to CUSD schoolboard on this blog, please insert ANY ethnicity/flag/language where you see any reference to Mexican/Spanish--becasue ANY other than the AMERICAN Language and FlAG or President -would prompt me to write the same exact speech!)______________________

NumbersUSA.com 'Jobs Caucus'
There are more than eight million illegal immigrants in the labor force in the United States. In many states, there are almost as many illegal immigrants in the labor force as there are unemployed workers.

Lamar Smith of Texas, Gary Miller of California and Sue Myrick of North Carolina have formed the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus to:

raise public awareness of the connection between illegal immigration and unemployment,

pressure the Administration to vigorously enforce the laws against the employment of illegal immigrants,
work to implement legislation that will protect American jobs from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to make E-Verify mandatory),

work to defeat legislation that will put American jobs at risk from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to defeat amnesty).

Kim McCarthy said...

TO: I.C.E. Employee-Anonymous post that went under the water article...please contact me c/o newsletter, I would like to talk with you. Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh my, is this hitting a nerve or what!! So much vitriol and high mindedness.

I grew up in OC in a rather modest place. The burgeoning city of Garden Grove in the early 1960's. At times we certainly had a hard time making ends meet. My father (white), retired Navy - 20 years worked 2-3 jobs to provide for his family...yes he is white. My mother, a Displace Person of WWII, immigrated with us little kids in the mid 1950's. She had to wait two years before she could get entry. And she was married to a US serviceman! We grew up lower middle class in a state that was once the "golden" state. My mother became a US Citizen by 1965. She never spoke French, German or Polish, which was her homeland. And my sister and I never spoke it either. Foremost in their minds was to live the American dream and they scrapped, saved and did without to buy a home, make it nice and raise a family. Welfare was a badge of pure disgrace and shame, not an entitlement.

Eduacation was something I could not take lightly. At my peril, I came home with C's. Nonetheless, after high school and without a scholarship, college was not free. I worked to get to go to college, but did not finish. I still succeeded and now live in SJC. I am very wealthy...I have worked for it and have never had a penny of welfare or unemployemnt benefits in my life.

My housekeeper of 25 years is just recently a US Citizen. I treat her with total respect and honor. My gardener of 15 years is not a US Citizen, but has legal status. Neither speaks English fluently which is their choice. I pay both of them a little more than the market bares and I am generous during the holidays.

I believe in the rule of law and I believe in a meritocracy, not in a welfare state. California has turned into a welfare state. Yes, illegal immigrants are for the work, but they are also here for the freebies. Kim McCarthy is very direct and pointed about what she sees in the city...and the ntruth hurts. I too see, and hear the poor, uneducated immigrants that are becoming a fixture in our society. I don't begrudge their desire to improve themselves, but not on my nickel. I have worked too hard with no support from any government or taxpayer dollars.

Our state is a mess and has many problems and one of the most if not the most problematic areas is that of illegal immigration. So if Kim McCarthy and the other bloggers who believe in the American dream, (i.e. assimilation, self sufficiency, and contribution to society) are racists, then I guess some of you will have call me one too.

People who are so quick to use the race card are usually the most inflexible or unreasonable when it comes to solving this once great state's dysfunctional current situation.

Lauren said...

To "A Californian" aka I am too scared to fess up my name like Sean Knotts upon which you ragged on,

Because you are so keen on sticking to the facts why don't you stop assumming things about races and about PEOPLE, as I am disgusted that you would ASSUME that Sean, my fiance, is like your rich bratty OC kids that have their college paid for. Why don't you value the opinion of the future as he is a post grad student involved in politics who PAID for his own education through hard work and student loans (which by the way it is this type of unknowing finger pointing that leads to racist judgement that sweeps a whole community of your stereotyped views). Please do not be threatened by the future face of politics. Like this article (and more appallingly the speech about xenophobia at Marco, your views are outdated and are not representative of California's blue state. Orange County can have a fun time trying to push backwardness upon the rest of the state, but its not going to work. The rest of the state laughs at the "orange curtain"...continue on with your blog so you can feel like you are doing something.

Lauren said...

Once again, psychotic "californian" post: I am so sorry for your hatred and negativity. And once again, it is so very sad that you expect every university student to be of rich background. I am however happy that you are now understanding to associate higher education and being caucasian with money though... perhaps now you will better understand how difficult the mexican american minority has it. Please find something better to do than rag on a student who has paid his way through college on his own...it is through knowing struggle that one can understand and empathize with others--this is probably why you are so strigently conservative--you expect all previous and current residents of OC to be rich, when in fact, that is just not the way it is.

Again, my apologies for the hate that you deal with... maybe time to move to a red state, heh "california"?

Anonymous said...


Neither you, nor your fiance, nor the "Californian" or any of the other "baiters" in this blog are capable of a real dialogue about illegal immigration. You are all too full of yourselves...self righteous for narcissistic purposes.

Immigration has always been a valuable part of America. But it was always based on "legal" immigration. You could not come here as a dependent of the state. That is the crux of the problem. This state, through Democratic party control, has made this state a near bankrupt state by pandering to Latinos (many who support "no borders"). And the topic of illegal immigration across the nation, not just SJC, is that, like the majority of suicide bomb terrorists are Muslim, the majority of illegal immigrants (poor, uneducated and dependent) are Mexican, not French, not German, not Japanese, not Canadian.

And our neighborhoods, schools and the quality of the lives of all law abiding US citizens is diminished. You will get it sooner or later, when you are married, have children. You both will work your tushes off and along will come the taxman and he will put his hand out because he wants to take your hard earned dollars and give them to someone who is NOT a US citizen.

No country can survive on that basis. Just ask Mexico what they do at their southern border.

Respectfully submitted by one who would like to see real solutions, not rhetoric!!

a Californian said...

Hey Lauren, if your "boyfriend" is using student loans, then he's NOT paying his way through college: I am. College loans are subsidized by the taxpayer (aka, me) and so is the whole UC system. Yeah, taxes -- them funny things that people like you think magically appear out of nowhere, who'da thunk it actually came from real life people giving up their real life money to help foreign lawbreakers have a "better way of life?"

"---I am however happy that you are now understanding to associate higher education and being caucasian with money though... perhaps now you will better understand how difficult the mexican american minority has it.---

Oh, please cry me a river. I grew up dirt poor in the Sact'o Valley and picked fruit every summer, back in the days when white people did most of that work (and yes, we DID do most of that work, 40 years ago.) I don't need any lessons from you on how to be poor, and the usual white guilt ploy doesn't play with a gal who knows what it's like to work the night shift on the tomato harvester in 100+ degree heat. "Mexican-Americans" are poor because they have too many kids, because they have a 50 percent high school drop-out rate, and because they don't respect the law, period.

"Again, my apologies for the hate that you deal with... maybe time to move to a red state, heh "california"?"
That comment just shows how brainless and deluded both you and your boyfriend are, sweetie. I'M A TAXPAYER -- an honest one at that. (Yeah, I know, it's probably hard for you to understand that there are people out here who believe in obeying the law, but that's us crazy Anglos for ya!). The last thing you need to be doing, in a state with a 40 billion dollar deficit, is telling honest, law-abiding taxpayers like me to get lost. Because, honey, if enough people like me leave this state, there won't be anyone around to subsidize your boyfriend's UC tuition and "political activism," and nobody to pay for the "free" education, the "free" infrastructure, the "free" public schools, the "free" ESL classes, the "free" food stamps, the "free" WIC vouchers, the "free" Spanish translations, and all the other "free" stuff you think "your people" are entitled to use for "free." See, that's why we're bankrupt. It's not just that the illegals have sucked this state dry. It's that they are currently driving native-born, law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens out of this state at the rate of 300,000 per year (boyfriend can look it up) -- and those 300,000 are taking their tax dollars with them. And there's nobody to replace them, because Pedro the Dishwasher From Oaxaca doesn't pay anywhere near the taxes that John the 100K a Year Software Manager Who Moved to Seattle to Escape California's Crappy Schools once paid to our "government" in Sacramento. That is if Pedro from Oaxaca pays any taxes at all, which he most likely doesn't.

PS -- I think it's hilarious how your boyfriend came on this blog and started sneering at everyone's English and spelling, when your English is by far the worst of any comments on this blog. Maybe you should ask your boyfriend for some grammar and spelling lessons.

a Californian said...

The rest of the state laughs at the "orange curtain"...continue on with your blog so you can feel like you are doing something.
Oh, "Lauren", so sorry to burst your bubble, but I am a Northerner. I found this blog through an online article about illegal alien sympathizers throwing marbles at native-born patriotic Americans who were demonstrating their support of our laws and our Border Patrol in San Juan Capistrano. (I wonder if throwing marbles at people is a demonstration of "hate" -- naw, couldn't be, only white people can be guilty of "hate" according to people like you.)

You can rest assured, nearly everyone in California who 1.) pays a significant amount of taxes and 2.) speaks English as their first language, is as sick of the illegal invasion as people from "backwards" Orange County. That's why hundreds of thousands of taxpayers from North, South and Middle Cal are running away from the mess as fast as they can.

Anonymous said...

Mexico has got the most messed up in-humane way of dealing with illegal immigration.Wanna talk about racists.Thay shoot people on sight.Steal kids and rape women and make them slaves to work the fields.Lauren and Sean need to wake up and get out of thier bubble they live in.Involved in politics i see.Thats the whole problem.Not one of our politicians has what it takes to stand up and fight for our state.Instead they keep coming up with ways to further screw us.Other states,Arizona ANd Texas Are working on solutions and we should follow and let the Seans and Laurens take thier views to Arizona and see what happens.Your education has failed you.Your still ignorant.Get a refund,or ask an illegal for some change.

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