City Hall Spin Zone - II

§ On March 5, we discussed plans being discussed by our City Council to erect a new City Hall. We criticized the falsehoods and political "spin" that are at the root of this discussion.

Here are some details on the fixable “problems” with the current City Hall location. These are estimates based upon a tour of City Hall by a General Contractor and tradesmen in the construction industry:

Flooding: Roof repairs and maintenance                       $50,000
Energy inefficiency: New R-30 Insulation and ceiling repairs $32,000
Outdated electrical: Unknown specifics (allocation)          $50,000
ADA compliance: restrooms, counter heights                   $60,000
Fire sprinklers: NOT required by OCFA                       $100,000
No mold - no action required!                                     $0
Sub Total                                                   $292,000
Overhead, profit and supervision                             $73,000
TOTAL                                                       $365,000

Even if you doubled or tripled this estimate, you would be spending far, far less than the proposed new $13 million City Hall. City Manager Joe Tait is proposing to GROW our City payroll by 13%. Is that why we “need” a new City Hall?


melissa kaffen said...

Once again the Council plundercrats seek to spend millions we don't have rather than sharpen their pencils and lessen the cost burden on SJC residents. When will they realize we are NOT their personal piggy banks.

Alexis Ogg said...

City hall has been established on modern parameters for the glory for all individuals. The range of the prices of the city hall has been managed and controlled by the courts of the country.

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