Growing up in San Juan Capistrano Under the Gang Injunction - A Young Woman's Experience

Kim McCarthy, San Juan Capistrano

A failure to enforce immigration laws and an the breakdown of families have made victims of the children in our town -- especially young women. Meet a local victim, a 17-year old girl living in Capistrano's Gang Injunction Neighborhood who attended Capistrano Valley High School just last year.

She told me of her experience while I made notes. I've cleaned-up the language so you can follow it.

- This past October the border patrol came into my neighborhood to pick up an illegal criminal and half of the people couldn’t go to work because they are illegal too, and afraid of the border patrol. They all missed at least half a day of work.
- I just broke up with my boyfriend, he is here illegally. But I have a new boyfriend, he is older than me and came here illegally with his mom, dad, and a brother and sister. His mom came first and paid a coyote to bring him, brother, sister and dad after she saved the money. She got a job with a lady at the church who is a citizen but hires illegals for her cleaning business. His mom cleans the library and other buildings and they pay her cash.
- It is easy to let children pass back and forth at the border after they get an American school ID because that is all they have to see. But when you are an adult, you need to get a fake ID / SS# / License. All are easy to get. For about $250 you can get the best. Most people get them in Santa Ana.

Capistrano Open Space: Closed to Public!


Why is “open space” officially closed?

The recent revelation that the public is prohibited from accessing the polo grounds “open space” property is astounding. Although every property owner in San Juan Capistrano is now being taxed $32 per $100,000 of assessed value to pay for this “open space”, the public cannot set foot on it as long as it’s under lease to a third party. The current lease is for two years. Councilman Mark Nielsen, who championed the acquisition of this land, has expressed his desire to renew the lease to continue accommodating exclusive equestrian events. Mr. Nielsen further explained that soccer and baseball leagues are especially prohibited from using this property as they would “ruin the fields” for equestrian events. Sports leagues and recreational equestrian residents who encouraged our City to buy this “open space” believing that they would be able to use it are thus left empty handed - except of course, for the bill. At $27.5 million, that’s a pretty hefty bill!

Capistrano Water Refunds Available

As the result of systematic billing errors, many water customers served by the City Water Company may have been over charged and could be entitled to receive refunds.  Miscalculation of water "allotments", bad billing software, and other errors arising from irregular meter reading dates push customers into higher rate tiers under the City's predatory water price formula -- resulting in over charges.

The City has kept this very quiet.  Check your past bills.  It is uncertain when these errors started, however, refunds have already been issued to some customers.  If you believe you have been over charged, contact Joe Tait at City Hall on (949) 493-1171.  In addition to being the town's "top law enforcement officer" and City Manager, it is rumored that Mr. Tait also runs the Water Department in his spare time.

So-Called Non-Partisan Leaders

Capistrano Common Sense Editorial Board

Our City Council and school board are regarded as “non-partisan”, which means that they are not politically contested in a formal “Democrat vs. Republican format. That’s supposed to remove partisan special interests from the equation in running local agencies that are responsible for providing essential services like police protection, water and trash services and education.  But the opposite is true. Leftist activists, cloaked as non-partisan leaders are reshaping the agenda of local city councils and school boards.

Another Broken Promise?

Capistrano Common Sense Editorial Board

For two years, members of our City Council have quietly been working behind the scenes to encourage a land developer to build a mixed commercial, residential and equestrian complex on the vacant land bordered by San Juan Creek Road, Valle Road and La Novia – the area generally across the street from Plant Depot. The City has now gone public with this plan and may be poised to approve it, breaking a promise made to residents in the mid-1980’s.

E-Verify After Two Years

Marsha Norman, San Juan Capistrano resident

Another marathon City Council meeting lasting past 1 AM, it was nearly 3 AM before Bob and I put our heads on the pillow. It might have been later for some...

I appreciate the Council's decision on E-Verify. The City needs to do everything in its power to defend the rights of citizens and not accommodate illegal residents. As a past CIC member, I am reminded that this was one of our solutions – to uphold Federal law and give rightful citizens the opportunity to obtain a job albeit low-income or otherwise. Two years later, it is finally done.
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