Growing up in San Juan Capistrano Under the Gang Injunction - A Young Woman's Experience

Kim McCarthy, San Juan Capistrano

A failure to enforce immigration laws and an the breakdown of families have made victims of the children in our town -- especially young women. Meet a local victim, a 17-year old girl living in Capistrano's Gang Injunction Neighborhood who attended Capistrano Valley High School just last year.

She told me of her experience while I made notes. I've cleaned-up the language so you can follow it.

- This past October the border patrol came into my neighborhood to pick up an illegal criminal and half of the people couldn’t go to work because they are illegal too, and afraid of the border patrol. They all missed at least half a day of work.
- I just broke up with my boyfriend, he is here illegally. But I have a new boyfriend, he is older than me and came here illegally with his mom, dad, and a brother and sister. His mom came first and paid a coyote to bring him, brother, sister and dad after she saved the money. She got a job with a lady at the church who is a citizen but hires illegals for her cleaning business. His mom cleans the library and other buildings and they pay her cash.
- It is easy to let children pass back and forth at the border after they get an American school ID because that is all they have to see. But when you are an adult, you need to get a fake ID / SS# / License. All are easy to get. For about $250 you can get the best. Most people get them in Santa Ana.
- My boyfriend's sister is in Serra H.S. and belongs to a gang. She and her boyfriend live in one of the bedrooms upstairs. My boyfriend and I live in the living room. The dad is gone. Mom and little brother share a room. Some people live in the garage.
- My boyfriend has a 2 year old from his girlfriend before me. He has been arrested before and sent back to Mexico. His mom took up a collection for $1500, put it in a bank account, and then a relative of a coyote took out the money and the coyote brought him back.
- His last girlfriend just went to court to get money for his 2-year old because he wasn’t paying. He went to this “lady” in town and gave his address to her to try and settle with his kids mom-then the cops and ICE came and arrested him. He pretended not to know how to speak English. The cops told us to come to Santa Ana the next day to see what happens. We thought for sure he would be deported but there was a “man in a suit” standing out there and helped him get out for free. I am so happy. We are moving out of San Juan because we are afraid they will come back for him. Especially since his sister is always in trouble because of the gang she is in. 
- My mom and dad paid for my orthodontist. I lost my retainer and was going to have to pay a lot of money to get a new one. My boyfriend showed me how to get one for free from Medi-Cal. Its easy. My girlfriend just had a baby and she gets free food and everything. She got so much free stuff from different places. She got two strollers and two baby pouches and she sold the extra ones. A lot of people do that.
- Before I met my boyfriend I was signed up for college. I graduated from CVHS with honors. But my boyfriend didn’t want me to go and wouldn’t let me go to classes. He is trying to get me to quit my job, he doesn’t want me to work or anything. I think I am pregnant.
A community that harbors illegal residents creates victims of its legal residents. A young woman with potential is victimized in our community and literally has no choice but to leave town to escape the cycle of predation that can exist in a closed culture such as the one that has emerged in areas of San Juan Capistrano.

After this interview, I contacted a close friend, an educator who works in our school district. When I described the story I had been told, she said it "sounds familiar" and later wrote to me the following note:
As a long term educator in CUSD, I have many other names, faces and stories such as this student’s that bear witness to our failed immigration policy. Five or six years ago our schools were overwhelmed with an influx of non English speaking students and the District responded with a full range of curriculum, trained faculty and testing to help this population. While language skills have improved, it is obvious now that despite the best efforts and intentions of individual teachers, the school system alone has failed to inspire the motivation necessary to pursue higher education and offers no effective way to enforce attendance. 
When students return home to overcrowded living conditions, this creates a nearly impossible environment for healthy living with a functioning family and an abysmal situation for any studying. Sadly, without the strong support of the other social institutions pointing our youth in the right direction, the phrase of “sinking to the lowest common denominator” comes to mind. 
The most alarming trend is an increase in teen pregnancy. Nearly all will not consider abortion or adoption and it goes without saying that these kids are those who can least afford what it costs to raise a child. The failure of our federal and state government to enforce existing laws, the failure of our city to enforce building standards and codes to limit overcrowding (I guess denial of any problem is equally destructive) and the attitude of the Catholic Church that has all the signs of encouraging out of wedlock pregnancy certainly are major contributors to an out of control problem. 
Here are some national facts to think about:

An industry importing criminals and welfare recipients…
  1. $11 Billion to $22 Billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
  2. One of every three welfare recipients in the US resides in California, according to Congressman Ken Calvert, author of E-Verify legislation.
  3. $2.2 billion dollars per year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegals.
  4. On an average day, 12 Americans are murdered by an illegal alien. Another 13 Americans are killed by uninsured drunk illegal aliens, and 8 American Children are victims of a sex crime committed by an illegal.
  5. The costs of illegal immigration continue to skyrocket.

And here are some local issues to consider:
- Mission Basilica and the Mission Hospital Network operate two local facilities that openly aid and abet illegal aliens. One is called CHEC (located in Mission Flats, near the library) and markets throughout S. Orange County, guiding legal and illegal Hispanics as to the loopholes in accessing the American taxpayer-funded welfare and medical system. The second facility is Camino Healthcare next to Kaiser Permanente behind JSerra H.S. where medical and dental services are provided to the same groups. At Camino Healthcare they are also in-charge of qualifying and distributing W.I.C. coupons from our federal taxes. Camino gets 100,600 visits annually, according to its website.
- The hierarchy of this is a religious doctrine openly supports and encourages open borders, contrary to American Laws, as well as teaches it is a sin to use contraception to its followers. Does anyone see a conflict of interest here? Separation of Church and state? The colonization of our town to welfare recipients / gang injunctions = SANCTUARY CITY of crime and welfare support, and the displacement of Americans.
- 500 traffic tickets were issued in our town last year to drivers for not having a driver's license or a registration. Imagine if these 500 were checked for immigration status, just as they will be doing in Arizona shortly. How many crimes on Americans could be avoided if these people were deported? An Illegal landscaper living in The Villas raped 24-year old American girl on the side of the 5 freeway at the JSerra exit. A preventable crime?
- California Penal code states “834b. An arrest is taking a person into custody, in a case and in the manner authorized by law. An arrest may be made by a peace officer or by a private person.” (a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.”

So how is the illegal boyfriend, arrested twice now, still in this country preying on young American girls, impregnating them, accessing our welfare system, and violating our laws with impunity?

Why is all the crime against legal citizens acceptable? Why do Americans put up with the racial profiling and discrimination against them all day long by the ACLU, Civil Rights Groups, Immigration Advocacy Groups, along with local churches, government, business, public schools, all profiteers in the business of illegal immigration?

DON’T BUY INTO THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS tactics of these people and their name calling and hiding behind God with their perversion of his gospel to suit their bottom line business needs. This is not about RACE it is about the LAW and the lack of following it. STAND UP and DEMAND enforcement of our LAWS for your sake and for the sake of your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Share your own experience about what it's like to grow up in San Juan Capistrano. Anonymous comments to this article are welcome.


Anonymous said...

What I just read makes me Sick! Why isn't ICE here right NOW!!

Anonymous said...

It is a self perpetuating culture of crime and predatation. When will the US government stop enabling a culture of crime.

Anonymous said...

Failure to enforce immigration laws has nothing to do with that chick getting pregnant, give me a break with your scare tactics and boogeymen.

San Juan Cap is a great place to live, you people are deluded.

Anonymous said...

Weak, low class losers are those who break our laws and live off welfare. If you had read the article as I did, you would see the very definition of low class losers - those who sponge off others. They are the ones who are destroying the universe.

Good luck continuing to sponge when people like Kim McCarthy are no longer around to support you.

Anonymous said...

"It is a self perpetuating culture of crime and predatation. When will the US government stop enabling a culture of crime."

What on earth does this mean? Leave it to someone who reads this blog to be a complete bigot.

Community based organizations need to be started to get the community together, we don't need more police on the streets because they'll just sit in parking lots around town shooting the shit like they always do. If you guys actually came out of your nice little gated communities you'd see that the problem lies in the local government and not a certain group of people.

Anonymous said...

I've found that when people don't have an argument, they call names, like calling someone a "bigot" when they don't agree with them.

The problem is indeed caused by people - those who are here illegally. It's enabled by those who support them, including our local government, which is partly responsible for the sanctuary city status in San Juan.

The majority of law-abiding Americans recognize the destructive nature of illegal immigration, which is why there is such overwhelming support (about 70%) for the Arizona law.

That's a fact and no amount of name-calling is going to change that.

On a lighter note, I did find funny though the following statement, "Leave it to someone who reads this blog to be a complete bigot".

Since the poster is obviously reading (and posting on) this blog, does that mean they're a bigot too? ;>O

Anonymous said...

The problem highlighted in this article exists because of the failure of the US to protect our borders and enforce existing laws. Period. The much more complex problem is what to do about it. Whatever change in policy that occurs at the federal level will be slow and take a long time to help us here in SJC. We absolutely must come together to fix things locally - eliminate blight, crime and for heaven's sake do some code enforcement. Thank you to CCC for getting a dialog going - it's better late than never.

Anonymous said...

I did grow up in San Juan Capistrano, but now live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Boston area is a better place to be if you're Jewish. San Juan Capistrano has no synagogues at all, no JCC, and I can't remember any kosher or kosher-themed deli in the town.

I think people are genuinely fed up with illegal immigrants who do not contribute. Many Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union wound up in the town of Brookline, a heavliy Jewish suburb of Boston. They have made many excellent contributions to their communities and have not become slaves to welfare.

As a Jew, I do not have much sympathy for these illegals. Jews from Yemen fled to Israel and elsewhere, legally, or else they would have been killed. Jews from the former Soviet Union went through untold horrors in their home country before they could leave for Israel, the US, and elsewhere. During the 1930s, German Jews tried to immigrate legally to other countries in fear of their lives, but were turned away and forced back to the beginning of the Shoah. Gay Palestinians and Christian Palestinians have gone through huge ordeals to escape to freedom and safety in Israel.

These illegals, with all their whining and tantrums, know nothing about suffering. They break our laws coming over here and receive all that free education and free medical care and they still have the nerve to complain about how bad they've got it. Sorry, not true. Compared to what European Jews went through under Hitler and what Jews of the Arab world went through in 1948, you have a lot to be thankful for.

How dare you piss and moan and claim how the governement owes you a silver platter. Take a lesson from the Jewish people, who took a barren coastal desert and built up one of the most advanced, innovative nations in the world.

Alexis Ogg said...

It is all because of the poor education system that people are willing to do such things with their kids. We are supposed to take the steps to stop these types of mishaps to be happening with kids.

Paige Tucker said...

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