E-Verify After Two Years

Marsha Norman, San Juan Capistrano resident

Another marathon City Council meeting lasting past 1 AM, it was nearly 3 AM before Bob and I put our heads on the pillow. It might have been later for some...

I appreciate the Council's decision on E-Verify. The City needs to do everything in its power to defend the rights of citizens and not accommodate illegal residents. As a past CIC member, I am reminded that this was one of our solutions – to uphold Federal law and give rightful citizens the opportunity to obtain a job albeit low-income or otherwise. Two years later, it is finally done.

May I suggest once again that an E-Verify sign be put in plain sight in the City Hall lobby where all applicants can see it? Any business that uses E-Verify should be encouraged to display the sign as well. Be proud of what is being done because it is the right thing to do.

In the past, many of these low-paying jobs were done by high school and college students. These were part-time jobs that provided extra income for households. Now we have whole families and single moms trying to subsist on these low-paying jobs because they lack language, education and job-skills to do otherwise. We have many programs to help from public schools, adult education, language classes, Boys and Girls Club, CHEC, CREER, Camino Health Center, WIC, EBT cards, Social Services, special grants, affordable housing, and more. Free to the users, but not to the taxpayers – a vicious circle of dependence!

We encourage illegals to come and stay in this city by all that we provide. We have had these programs for years, been told they are working, and been told how much worse it would be without them. But they have brought crime at many levels and gang violence to our town – to the point where the heart of our town is covered by a Gang Injunction.

Why? Have we not done enough? Or have we not enforced our laws to the fullest? We feed the beast with one hand and tell law abiding citizens that this is the best we can do in protecting them? If I had a vicious dog that needed constant vigilance, intrusive to may neighbors and would attack pedestrians while on a walk, this would be unacceptable. How many calls and citations from animal control would I be allowed before I was forced to do something other than feed the beast?

One obvious solution is to now work with Federal law enforcement, ICE in particular. Our City should invite them to town, to be honest about our problems, and let citizens know that we are being protected not with “social programs” but with due diligence to the law. Thank you, Lon Uso and Laura Freese, for listening to the public. Now one, two, or three of you other councilmen need to put your vote on the side of Federal law enforcement and stop feeding the beast!

I will be looking for the time and place of the public meeting with ICE representatives. It is the least we can all do to participate.

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