A Broken Promise Wrapped in Lies

The April issue of Capistrano Common Sense warned of plans to alter a long-standing development plan for the area bounded by San Juan Creek Road, La Novia and Interstate-5, the so-call "Distrito La Novia" or "Meadows" project.  Since our article appeared, our City's Planning Commission has formally rejected the application to alter the project and forwarded the matter to the City Council for a final decision.

On May 26, the developer Advanced Real Estate Services (ARES) launched a deceitful letter-writing campaign that aims to have the City Council set aside the decision of the Planning Commission and approve the changes to the project.  These changes would require a formal amendment to the City's General Plan.

Members of our City Council, including former Mayor Mark Nielsen who will stand for re-election in November, are vocal advocates of the altered plan, having quietly worked with ARES for the past two years to create it.  This increases the prospect that the Council will set aside the Planning Commission deniel and approve the project alterations.  In doing so, the City will break a promise made to residents of the area more than twenty-five years ago when it approved the original plan.

§ We call on the City Council to require confidential disclosure of ownership of the applicant connected with this proposal and public disclosure of any relationship that may exist between members of the City Council and the development owners.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I saw that emailed letter forwarded by supporters of the developer of this project. They made some bizarre claims, like that this giant development would actually create open space. No one but a developer could say that with a straight face.

good luck trying to pull that wool over the residents' eyes!

Anonymous said...

Prior to a few months ago when SJC residents were catching on to ARES Distrito La Novia-The Meadows did the company pull out all the stops presenting this mid-stream change in plan and acknowledged dangerous landfill proposition as good for the City. As for the City Council, just check each member's election campaign platform vs where most are now on record regarding the Distrito?

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