Graffiti Action

Our City Council is to be congratulated for passing a new law specifically targeting graffiti. This law makes the parents of a minor child financially responsible for the actions of the child.

The amount of graffiti has been steadily increasing in San Juan Capistrano over the past 25 years in terms of the number of incidents and volume of graffiti. Over the New Year holiday, San Juan Capistrano was hit hard. Just one night of graffiti caused damage in the tens of thousands of dollars to signs, walls, fences, and windows, on public property and private home and business owners. It is hard enough in these tough times to make ends meet, let along run a business or home and have to find extra money to have signs, buildings, walls and fences repainted and window glass cleaned. Some of the businesses and homes in town have been hit repeatedly by graffiti vandals.

Lt. Dwyer of the OC Sheriff's Department, informs us that there are two types of graffiti. One type is by “taggers” who seek notoriety. The second type is gang graffiti. Recently there have been arrests for both types of graffiti and the City's new law gives police a new tool and deterrent.

Graffiti is a cancer that will spread quickly. It cannot be tolerated in our historic town. In order to combat graffiti effectively, it must be removed immediately. When you see graffiti in the City, please contact the San Juan Capistrano Graffiti Hotline without delay at (949) 443-6344 for graffiti removal and thank your City Council members for taking the matter seriously.


Anonymous said...

this is good to see,progress being made.Action taken by our city council. Things are getting worse.Somethings gotta be done.I like the fact that the parents are accountable.

Anonymous said...

About time.

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