The Political Season Begins

Editorial Board - Capistrano Common Sense

We wish remind incumbents and others who may seek public office this November that being accountable is part of the bargain.

Last week an article by Councilman Mark Nielsen called "Straight Talk" was his opening salvo in a quest to get your vote in November. The article comes across as the plea of an incumbent that claims to have a corner on truth and a monopoly on fact. His demand that his critics be accountable for their opinions is a diversion. Actual responsibility rests with those elected to office, like Mark Nielsen.

Mr. Nielsen wants us to believe that we live in a small town that is being managed conservatively. He points to the City's declining General Fund to make his point. But he fails to mention the co-mingling of City overhead expenses with those of the Water Company, the future taxation arising from the activities of his Open Space Committee, or the truth regarding the tax shell-game underway in the Redevelopment Agency that will raise taxes even higher to meet affordable housing commitments. In truth, City operations are significantly larger and more intrusive today than when he took office. But these are mere details when you are facing re-election. This "Straight Talk" is pure wind.

§ Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. - George Orwell 

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