Promoting One Race in San Juan Capistrano

By Kim McCarthy

CREER is a local non-profit, tax-subsidized organization that describes its mission as “for the Empowerment of Mexican/Latino Youth” and “to fortify the identity of the Mexican/Latino Community”. The racial division promoted by groups like CREER fuel racial tension experienced by non-Hispanic Americans throughout our country.

Why does Capistrano have two languages, two local newspapers, two Rite-Aids, two local Coffee Chats, separate schools and separate neighborhoods? These are self-imposed barriers, unlike those once imposed on American Blacks back when racial segregation was widespread. Today, racial division is the result of resistance to assimilation to the American culture. Ethnically distinct groups create isolated communities within ours while reaping the benefits of taxpayer-funded subsidies, all the while promoting their culture of origin.

An example of this is the recent CREER event, the “3rd Annual El Dia Del Nino – The Day of the Child - Festival 2010, Connecting Community and Families!” Our City allowed CREER to stage this event at Stone Field for $100, and flyers promoting it were distributed on the west side of town only. While the flyers listed the City as an event sponsor, the City denied involvement after questions arose about the co-sponsorship of NCLR (National Council of La Raza, or "the race", in Spanish), a militant organization. Another official sponsor was OCCCO (OC Congregation Community Organization) which is in effect, the ACORN of Orange County. The only community and families this event served were Hispanic. Should you be concerned? Heck yes! This growing racial and ethnic divide thrives in our town, promoted by our City officials, along with certain local business and religious organizations.

Just so you’re clear about what OCCCO represents, visit the website at: and click on “education”. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see their goals and achievements are listed, including a “get out the vote” effort, a coordinated effort to obtain more taxpayer-funded "affordable housing" and taxpayer-funded health services. Be sure to checkout their boast about how a local church helped its members obtain Mexican-ID cards. None of this is about education unless you believe that teaching people how to access welfare benefits and vote for more progressive socialism counts as "education".

After an “immigrant forum" conducted at the Mission Basilica Gymnasium and sponsored by CREER, CHEC, Camino Healthcare Center, Mission Hospital, OCCCO, the OC Sheriff’s Department and featuring former SJC Mayor and CREER President Joe Soto as a speaker, I began to connect the dots. I had already witnessed the racial tension and declining education at Marco Forster Middle School when my children were enrolled there. I was given further insight into the racial divide during the after school Homework Club for English-Language Learners I had established at Ambuehl Elementary. One student, a fifth-grade girl born in California, said her parents told her she was not an American, but rather “a lucky Latina with papers”. Her parents couldn’t speak or read English and could not help her with homework. With the large Spanish-speaking population in our public schools quickly becoming a majority, this has become the new "normal". The future of this child once she hits Marco Middle School and must deal with puberty while confronting the gang problem and the low standard of education expected of her, is not promising.

Groups like CREER claim they want racial diversity, but I witnessed the opposite when CREER led children to the podium at City Council meetings to label me and others racist because we requested an overnight parking ban on Camino Capistrano for public safety. I watched CREER lead children to the podium to state that if they don’t get a (taxpayer-funded) skateboard park they will join gangs. I watched in disbelief while OCCCO and CREER put on a forum in the Mission Basilica Gymnasium along with Mission Hospital encouraging families to go to our City Council and demand more low-income housing because it’s their right. The founder of CREER has called me "a liar" when I told her my son was turned away from a CREER-sponsored art class by the former director because such classes are “only funded for Latinos”.

Fortunately, I was allowed to attend one CREER meeting at which I met wonderful, caring parents and children who have the same concerns as other families in town. They were kind and asked for help with some of the problems in their neighborhoods. This meeting was conducted in Spanish and had to be interpreted for me. OCCCO was there to organize CREER members to go into Capistrano neighborhoods encouraging people to vote. When I asked if they informed residents that it is necessary to be a legal citizen to vote the answer was "no".

If San Juan Capistrano is to be a community, groups like CREER must stop dividing our children by language and the color of their skin, stop teaching them to live off welfare benefits and instead teach them to assimilate into American culture. Please contact CREER at and ask them to open their organization to all children of our community. Ask them to stop teaching their members to access welfare and instead promote assimilation to the American Culture and unity among residents. We parents need to set a good example and develop our community together so that we can raise our children to be successful citizens. We can’t do this if we remain divided or support groups whose existence depends on creating generations of welfare recipients.

At the City Council meeting of May 11, in response to written inquiry from a resident, it was revealed that the City has been providing rent-free facilities to CREER for the past 3 years, including offices at Stone Field and free use of the La Sala Room at the library. This illustrates why San Juan Capistrano is regarded as a sanctuary city.

But just imagine this: "BELIEVE - For the Empowerment of American White Youth" to "Fortify the Identity of the American White Youth." Would the City give such a group three years of rent-free support? At what point does it become obvious that racism and discrimination are actions that can be perpetrated by any individual or group on another? CREER ("to believe" in Spanish) is a political group aligned with NCLR and OCCCO, practicing racism and discrimination while promoting one race and culture over all others while exploiting the very children and families they profess to represent.


Anonymous said...

Very true, sad isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Kim: Thanks for all of the great information. We are SJC residents and are watching this beautiful city deteriorate month after month. It is very sad!

On the subject of CREER and your suggestion to contact them to open their organization to ALL of our children - No thank you! I do not approve of the indoctrination that is going on there.

Anyway, keep up the good work. We got our newsletter this morning on our door and look forward to it every month!!

Maybe the elections in November will level the playing field. We wholeheartedly support Governor Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona enforcement of the existing Federal Law regarding illegal immigration!

Anonymous said...

agree - it's sad that sjc is becoming a 3rd world town.

Anonymous said...

CREER, you there?

CHEC, please go set up shop with like minded SJC Mission far left liberals promoting illegal aliens and almost daily third world scenes at Father Serra's Pantry at the gymnasium along El Camino Real.

Earthquakes happen and thanks to the SJC Americans for making SJC-Quakes!

Andy said...

Racism is alive and well in SJC... Kind of smacks of neo macarthyism.

Anonymous said...

i think we should all get along and stop the racism. It makes me sick!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is racist its the hispanic community.Thank you Kim for the Info and i cant tell you how much better Camino Cap is now.Andy and a few of these other people apparently dont mind the graffiti,trash,and crime on the increase in our town.It is sad to see our town sitting back and accepting illegal immigration and now to see the church harboring and providing to them.What about the actual poor in this community who takes care of them,noone!A spring festival designed and promoted by the hispanic community for hispanics,Last i checked all other events that go on in town are open to the PUBLIC.Its time to move and take my tax dollars elsewhere.Unless things improve but i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

There are just some people who use the word "racist" as a way to quiet people and
TRY to make them feel ashamed. Don't think that works any longer. Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL. My tax dollars don't need to go to illegals leaching off of the American system. I hold the Catholic church responsible for much of this. They enable petiphiles. Why am I surprised they harbor and support illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

I've read all of these comments and there seems to be one common thread. A dislike for another human being for what ever reason that "fits" the others agenda.

Racism is here and will ALWAYS be here. Why? There are many white people who are just absolutely pissed that those who used to be subserviant are now equals.

So much so, that the President is a person who years ago because of the color of his skin had to use a separate drinking fountain, restroom, rear entrance and the like.

I remember years ago when there was a document needed to be signed stating that if you sold your home you promised to not sell it to a "Negro." Remember?

Well, all non whites can't live in just Compton. Can they?

Some are right here. In "YOUR" backyard.

Anonymous said...
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