An Open Letter to Councilman Mark Nielsen

"Mark, please do not seek re-election"

Roy L. Byrnes, M.D., former Mayor

Our City government is broken and your disastrous policies are heavily to blame. I like you on a personal level, now I join many others in saying, “Mark, please do not seek re-election in November. Retire!”

Mark, you have hijacked our dream of public open space and botched it. In November 2008, your “Open Space Committee” seduced the voters into approving a $30 million dollar bond measure artfully mislabeled “Open Space”. We were told the idea was to protect open areas from development that would generate traffic. This was a ruse! Your committee even provided voters a list of properties identified for “protection” -- all within our City limits. The Rancho Mission Viejo “Park” was not on that list, although we now know that your committee was already in secret negotiations to purchase it. Deceptive and manipulative!

The Circus is Back in Town

Downtown Redevelopment
Tony Brown

It seems like this city throws up it’s hands about every fifteen to twenty years in frustration at the state of things downtown and commences to produce a very expensive analysis and plan for improvement. Somewhere at City Hall there is a collection of these detailed, professional reports (none of which have ever been used).
Well, we’re at it again and the next version of the redevelopment of our downtown is well underway so I thought I’d check in on it to see how it’s going.
First I checked the published 2010 City Council Priority List to see how much money we were spending on this latest exercise. The list does show that this is a high priority and it shows that the CC budgeted $250,000. Seems like a lot to me but apparently it’s peanuts as the actual cost is sitting at $571,000 right now. Wow, for that much money they must be doing a lot of drawing and conceptualizing.

Rule of Law in San Juan Capistrano?

Ahead of November's Election...
Kim McCarthy
Approximately 31 years ago, the LAPD and the LA City Council implemented Special Order 40 preventing police from questioning people for the sole purpose of determining their immigration status. The excuse for passing this mandate (or as I see it, circumvention of the law) was to encourage residents in the country illegally to report crimes without intimidation. BALONEY! Its actual purpose is to enable illegals to stay in the country so that the various profiteers of illegal immigration can benefit. The top three profiteers are:
  • politicians pandering for votes and growing government,
  • businesses hiring illegals at low wages minus insurance, often for cash, and
  • religious institutions baptizing illegals for the propagation of their doctrine.
Like LA, San Juan Capistrano operates as a sanctuary for illegals through a “don’t ask don’t tell” philosophy while the OC Sheriff's cite-and-release policy creates the local equivalent of Special Order 40.
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