Rule of Law in San Juan Capistrano?

Ahead of November's Election...
Kim McCarthy
Approximately 31 years ago, the LAPD and the LA City Council implemented Special Order 40 preventing police from questioning people for the sole purpose of determining their immigration status. The excuse for passing this mandate (or as I see it, circumvention of the law) was to encourage residents in the country illegally to report crimes without intimidation. BALONEY! Its actual purpose is to enable illegals to stay in the country so that the various profiteers of illegal immigration can benefit. The top three profiteers are:
  • politicians pandering for votes and growing government,
  • businesses hiring illegals at low wages minus insurance, often for cash, and
  • religious institutions baptizing illegals for the propagation of their doctrine.
Like LA, San Juan Capistrano operates as a sanctuary for illegals through a “don’t ask don’t tell” philosophy while the OC Sheriff's cite-and-release policy creates the local equivalent of Special Order 40.

Back in 2008 Mission Basilica along with CHEC, OCCCO, Camino Healthcare and CREER held an “Immigration Forum” at which former Mayor Joe Soto and Sheriff Lt. Betzler assured illegals they would not be questioned in San Juan Capistrano regarding their status. Where do you think illegal criminals seek to hide? Might it be in a city with such a policy? Exposed for this blatant contribution to our sanctuary city status, Lt. Betzler was replaced with our current sheriff, Lt. Dwyer. A public relations move by the OCSD at best, as nothing else has changed.
Meanwhile, five hundred tickets were issued in our town last year for driving without license and registration. Under Sheriff Sandra Hutchins’ policy, the drivers were merely cited and released from custody without bail. How many of those arrested do you think showed up in court or paid fines? How many do you think are still out there driving without licenses, registration or insurance? Why bother about the law?
Today, four of our five former Blue Ribbon schools are under a gang injunction. Today, if you want to sell your home it has to be to someone who can afford $15,000 to $30,000 per child for private school tuition, unless of course a drastically low standard of education in schools under a gang injunction is something the market demands.
Yet our city donates $200,000 a year of our tax dollars to support one ethnicity’s day care needs at the Boys and Girls Club located next to our only middle school, Marco Forster, which is under a gang injunction. A favorite phrase of our elected leaders and their supporters is “They need a place to go.” Apparently going to school and being fed two free meals a day year round isn’t enough.
So-called grants intended to address gang problems in Capistrano are funded with our tax dollars. One of the more dubious of these grants is a $384,000 grant for “G.R.I.P” aka Gang Reduction Intervention Program. We qualified because we are 1 of 26 cities with the worst gang problems.
What would you rather have, three additional policeman walking our neighborhood streets or see your tax dollars pay for the daycare needs and gang counseling of one culture? If the children receiving the daycare and gang counseling were white this would be called discrimination. Which choice provides public safety for all of our residents instead of social programming for one ethnicity while growing government jobs? What happened to good ole’ fear of getting caught? I vote for three more cops on our streets!
In November, three seats are available on your City Council. These three represent a majority, so don’t vote for anyone who cannot commit to the following:
  1. Mandate the city of SJC as a Rule of Law City, and demand Sheriff Hutchins stop cite-and-release and start detaining those arrested and calling the Border Patrol when appropriate.
  2. Make it mandatory for any business operating in our City to use E-Verify as a tool to ensure only citizens and legally documented workers are employed.
  3. Encourage the League of South Orange County Cities to use E-Verify, as well as the Orange County Registrar of Voters for voter registrations.
Until the rule of law is restored, the redevelopment of San Juan Capistrano, the sanctuary State of California, and the nation itself will remain stalled. Corrective action begins with all of us in our hometowns, so please attend city council meetings and demand a commitment from anyone you are consider supporting. Put your local, county and state officials’ collective feet to the fire!


Anonymous said...

great article...As far as the fine for illegals with no license or regristration its a 60 fine and they are on there way.Something needs to start within our city council to clean up this town and its image as far as harboring illegals within the community,from there our federal goverment needs to stand up for its citizens of this country and do something about it on a bigger scale. These sub departments for anti this and pro that are a waste of tax dollars that you ,i.and everyone else pays for.Time for some changes and all for the good. Harboring non law abiding ctizens with their hands out for more needs to stop.Its time to take care of the people that make this town great.Wheres our knight thats looking out for us everyday tax payin hard workin middle class folks!!! Id like to know!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this article. It's high time that this issue be discussed publicly.

As a Catholic, I'm deeply troubled by the church's interference with the enforcement of our immigration laws and with their advocacy of the misuse of our tax dollars by directing illegal immigrants to access taxpayer funded benefits, especially when there are plenty of legal citizens in need.

If the chuch wants to support anyone with their own funds, that's their decision, but to use taxpayer money to do it is wrong, IMO.

I'm also opposed to the church's position that it's OK to advocate breaking our laws. It's shameful and not at all the way I was raised within the Catholic chuch. I was raised to offer a hand UP, not a hand OUT.

I remain a Catholic because I support the religion and the biblical teachings, not necessarily the priests and/or church leaders who run the church who prey on children and/or advocate the disrespect of our country's laws and sovreignty.

The men who run the church are human and fallible and some (obviously and thankfully not all) are absolute failures as human beings let alone priests, like Cardinal Roger Mahoney. God blessed us with free will and the ability to think for ourselves. That some Catholics blindly support such corruption is the shame of the church.

I say enforce the laws and show respect for the sovreingty of this great country.

Anonymous said...

It surprises me that you do not see the danger behind the policy to 'ask to see papers' whenever an officer decides to stop someone. You may be too young to understand what the implications are of this sort of selective process, but I'm sure you have at least heard about the Holocost... The Nazis.. Germany..sound familiar. You could use all this energy in working against hunger, health care reform, education, the war in Iraq or other real problems. You reall need to put away the microscope and take out the mirror. If you're so upset about something, look to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Kim McCarthy said...

WE NEED 3 Knights to replace our city council incumbants running this Nov..Knights that have a clear view of the RULE OF LAW and the guts to impose the use of E-Verify on ALL businesses in San Juan Capistrano to restore jobs to Americans and legally documented individuals who followed the rules.

Anonymous said...

Some great responses with the exception of the response commenting on being pulled over and asking for papers. 1st of all noone carrys papers on them,why cause its not required unless your traveling from country to country.So that will never be a law unless the federal gov.makes it law.Yes we all carry i.d.but thats it.To tell if someone is illegally in this country you should run the drivers licenses and that is legal if you've been pulled over for breaking the law.and if you are found to be illegal than guess what thats breaking the law too.Time to go bye bye.We dont have the solutions for this problem, just ideas.They could be solutions if our federal gov. would grow a pair and build a wall with armed guards,worth the cost considering how many millions we spend on keeping illegals here.E verify should be implamented in businesses and they should be held accountable for breaking that law.the more the illegal community crys foul the more ticked off the american people...LEGAL CITIZENS will get eventually causing something to be done about this serious issue.

Anonymous said...

While you're profiling, why not start with the white elephant in the room - Namely, El Campeon. And while you're at it, how about stopping the practice of having your poodles toe nails clipped by these hard working people. Pratice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

Kim - You continue to inform and make us think. I really believe what has happened in SJC is a failure of local leadership. The density of the illegal population is the result. Otherwise why else don't our neighboring communities have the magnitude of our problem? The gang injunction says it all. Time for a change on the council come November.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I am always amazed at your hatefulness...what has really caused all that bitterness? Uhmm, I wonder. No doubt illigal immigration is a problem in this country but it involves more than just the hispanic population. People from all over the world come here to feed their children because that can't happen in their own countries. Yes, it's that basic!! I would do whatever needed to be done to care for mine. You probably would too. You're racist rants don't stir people into action, they cause dissention and hatred. The church is doing what it has been commissioned to do by Christ...take it up with Him. You're doing the same ol' thing and expecting different results. Let's think outside the box and figure out what actually works. The police services in our city is doing everything in their power to enforce the laws. Let's give them some some credit for the job they do. Remember a little honey goes a lot further than vinegar. Oh, by the way, have you ever spent time watching the group of people at the drug center across from Marshall's...opposite side of the street, funny thing is the vast majority, if not all of them, are white. The problems are much deeper than the color of our skin. Changing our perspective is a very powerful thing. It often gives you the ability to move mountains.

Anonymous said...

If you want to remove the illegal problem then STOP HIRING THEM. The vast majority are here to make a living. Without a job, they will have no choice but to return to Mexico. The problem is not them, it is US.

Anonymous said...

Kim, please, don't believe everything you think. You sound like someone who has come from a life of privilege and has not experienced any real suffering. No, that doesn't include being stuck in traffic when you have a tea party to get to. You'll never get it.

Anonymous said...

American jobs for Americans! I support E-Verify enforcement in SJC and I guarantee, businesses will thrive an property values, both commercial and residential, will stabilize. The unbridled growth due to "open borders" puts the stress on an already broken utility and water usage system. Why should property owners pay more for foreigners? Force Mexico to fix their civilization and not have CA handle their "exhaust".

Anonymous said...

couldnt agree with you more!!!! As for the ignorant woman talking smack on Kim and the white people going to the rite aid,theres a reason for that. They will not help hispanics because they are under a different program for medications because they pay little to none for them.They all are sent to the other rite aid in town because they are set up to handle those special needs. Thats not rascist,just hard cold facts.As for throwing the mission in there if thats the duty brought down by Christ to single out people by catering to and hiring latinos in place of many white people than this whole country is screwed. You say so yourself yes its an issue, and unless people get angry and start making their voices heard nothing will get down about it.Illegal immigration is overwhelmingly an issue with the hispanic community and because of them coming here for freebies instead of tryin to be apart of this country like you and I.Its breaking the law and affecting the very lifes of us all,If it were another race doing this guess what we wouldnt tolerate it either.

Kim Mccarthy said...

Just read the comments, for the sake of positive discourse I would like offer some personal info and ask a couple of questions :

Because I am anti-ILLEGAL immigration and the negative consequences that come with it one writer assumes I come from a life of privledge. Why? And so what if I did? How does this change the facts of ILLEGAL entry into this country?

Born in Det. MI, raised and educated in Catholic Schools, worked since I was 12 babysitting...15 started waiting tables, put myself through Wayne State University in Det. at night classes while working 7:30am-4pm at Pontiac Motor Div., bought myself a car, insured myself for $500 through a Wayne State University student umbrella plan.

To the name caller: Why assume I hate Mexicans...not true. In the face of facts why do you call names such as racist and bitterness?

Thanks to all for commenting...KIM MCCARTHY

Anonymous said...

again...Nice job Kim!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not talking "smack" just telling the truth. Also, I'm not referring to the Rite Aid. On the opposite side of the street is a drug center and all of its attendees are white. Kim, if you don't hate all Mexicans that's a suprise to me because everything you write sure gives that impression. Also, not all the children at the Boys and Girls Club are hispanics. There are some anglo children as well. Maybe the kids are there because their parents are working and not looking for a handout. Just maybe you're not entirely correct. Remember local and other law enforcement enforce the laws they are allowed to enforce. These are the men and women who come to your rescue regardless of who you are. Not all your "facts" are facts.


To: Anonymous 8/6 4:50 pm:

Your impression that I hate Mexicans comes from an assumption you are making... that because I am anti-illegal immigration therefore I am anti-Mexican... since most illegal aliens here are obviously Mexican due to logistics. Throwing around names ie, racist, hater, very dangerous.
South Coast Recovery has moved from the location you are talking about...what or how this relates to illegal immigration I am not following your line of thinking. Please explain better. I do know it is a private program that is expensive, $20,000 a year. I have much respect for anyone in recovery, which comprises all races, gender, religion etc...
Why do you automatically 'go to' the race of an individual when discussing an issue?
My children have gone to the Boys & Girls club, once again, why do you go to is obvious the vast majority are hispanic and once again our City Council thinks that because of this our taxes --to the tune of $200,000 a year are paying for childcare. I dont care what color they are NO TAX $$$ should be spent on childcare for anyone.
You are caught up in skin color and you are calling your feelings & assumptions FACTS. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

Kim, my assumption comes from everything you write and say. Most people think the same of you. You are the first and loudest to talk about race and skin color. You're only kidding yourself. If you aren't racist then I apologize for misjudging you. I agree with you...I also have much respect for anyone who is seeking help for addiction issues. The cost of the program shouldn't matter. Money isn't everything and shouldn't be your primary motivator. The point I wanted to make is that the bigger problem in our community has to do with drugs. This is an epidemic in our middle and high schools. It affects the poor and rich alike, brown, white, and every other color. I am sure all the parents who have lost a child to this would agree. I mentioned a life of privilege because often people who have come from a life of privilege don't understand what it's like to struggle to scrape together enough money to buy milk. Also, most illegals here do work doing the jobs none of us want to do. Often they have two or three full time jobs. They don't file income tax returns, don't ask the government for anything because they are afraid of being returned to a country where they stand a good chance of being murdered and can't feed their families. These are FACTS. You may not believe it but I am a Republican...born and raised here. I own a home and pay my taxes. I am also a hispanic and don't want to be discriminated against because of the color of my skin. Unfortunately, I feel the sting quite often and I don't deserve it. This is what your message promotes. Illigal immigration is a problem in this country, no doubt, but promoting hate messages isn't going to fix it. This only adds to it.

Kim McCarthy said...

Dear Anonymous: Please give me exact quotes from my writings that you think represent 'hate messages.'

Your postings express concern for Hispanics, but no others. What do you have to say about the Americans living with the negative consequences of illegal immigration and paying for it with their taxes, jobless rate, sub-standard education gang inj schools, lack of public safety-gang inj SJC? 25 Americans are killed a day by illegal aliens, 8 children are sexually abused. Is this ok with you, is it worth it since you are defending Hispanics with skin color the same as yours.

Should I call you a racist for condoning breaking the law for people that are your same race.

Sacrifice all the Americans for your cause, which just happens to be illegal entry to our country...and call me a racist.

What about all the people legally waiting for entry to our country? What about all the poor starving people in HAITI and other countries who arent logistically unable to "cross the border?" Do you care about them?

Maybe you would like to talk with my friend whos daughter was killed by an illegal me she doesnt give a damn about the color/race of the individual, she cares that the laws of her country are being violated and condonded by her own gov. and her daughter would be alive if the law was followed.

Get over the color of your skin and race. Hispanics are not the only poor people in need in this world / my friend are the racitst...I simply want the law followed for the safety of my family - fellow Americans and the infrastructure of our country.

Kim McCarthy

Kim McCarthy said...

Anyone wishing to educate themselves on the devestation illegal immigration has inflicted on our country need simply to go to Center for Immigration Studies....Anonymous since drugs are a main concern of yours you may want to notice the 2nd fact below.

-240,000: the number of illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States, a "conservative" estimate according to a study by the Violent Crime Institute. Over the 88-month study, illegal aliens were responsible for an estimated 960,000 violent sex crimes in the U.S.

-4-10,000,000: the number of illegal aliens who crossed into the United States in 2005, bringing with them 5.6 to 11.2 million pounds of cocaine and 34.3 to 68.6 million pounds of marijuana. As many as 19,500 aliens originated in countries identified as state sponsors of terror, according to the Department of Homeland Security. This figure includes members of Hezbollah who have already entered the United States across the southwest border; and agents of Venezuela, which is providing falsified documentation for entry into the U.S. illegally.

-$2,200,000,000: the amount spent on food assistance programs for illegal aliens including food stamps, WIC, free school lunches, etc. each year.

-$2,500,000,000: the amount spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens annually.

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