The Perfect Storm

Kim Lefner

How does a city get itself into financial trouble? Start with high unemployment; add a steep decline in business revenue; continued spending on non-essential programs and heap more taxation on the residents to pay for it. The results equal a depressed economy and increasing levels of debt.

How does a city get itself out of financial trouble? For starters, we need three true fiscal conservatives on the city council. Without three votes, change is unlikely. That’s why I’m voting for the slate of Derek Reeve, Jim Reardon and Clint Worthington for city council in November. I urge you to check out their website at: .

Here are a few additional suggestions to help restore fiscal sanity...

The Hijacking of 9/11

Kim McCarthy

On September 11, when many Americans will spend the day in remembrance and mourning for the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, self-described “Latino empowerment” group CREER plans to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples Day” at Historic Town Center Park with “entertainment, food, bouncy houses, music and arts & crafts”.

When local patriot group SJC Americans sought to schedule a 9/11 Memorial, they were informed by the City that CREER had reserved the park venue for an "Indigenous Peoples Day" celebration. The SJC Americans attempted to contact CREER to request that they switch their event to the following weekend so they (SJCA) could instead hold a memorial for the victims of 9/11. The two certified letters sent to CREER President Joe Soto were refused. To insure that CREER received the date change request, a member of the SJC Americans tried to hand deliver the letter to CREER Director Richard Ybarra. According to the SJC Americans, Ybarra first pretended not to speak English, then had to be physically restrained from assaulting the person who handed him the letter.

Talking Trash


Clint Worthington

I sure was surprised when I opened my July trash bill from CR&R to find that it had increased. I wondered to myself how the cost of this service could increase eight percent when inflation is flat? I did a little investigating. In fact, I did a lot of investigating! According to the Franchise Agreement between the City and CR&R, trash rates may only increase or decrease annually on January 1 – not in July. I found that the rate had been incorrectly calculated, and I discovered that a required resolution for a change in rates had never been considered by our City Council.

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