The Hijacking of 9/11

Kim McCarthy

On September 11, when many Americans will spend the day in remembrance and mourning for the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, self-described “Latino empowerment” group CREER plans to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples Day” at Historic Town Center Park with “entertainment, food, bouncy houses, music and arts & crafts”.

When local patriot group SJC Americans sought to schedule a 9/11 Memorial, they were informed by the City that CREER had reserved the park venue for an "Indigenous Peoples Day" celebration. The SJC Americans attempted to contact CREER to request that they switch their event to the following weekend so they (SJCA) could instead hold a memorial for the victims of 9/11. The two certified letters sent to CREER President Joe Soto were refused. To insure that CREER received the date change request, a member of the SJC Americans tried to hand deliver the letter to CREER Director Richard Ybarra. According to the SJC Americans, Ybarra first pretended not to speak English, then had to be physically restrained from assaulting the person who handed him the letter.

Research of “Indigenous Peoples Day” indicates that it’s also known as "Dia de la Raza" ("Day of the Race") and is seen as a counter to Columbus Day. It is used by some groups to protest the arrival of Europeans to the Americas and to celebrate the "native races". Here, in the United States, Día de la Raza is known as a time of mobilization for Latino activists, with "La Raza" serving as the rallying cry for Hispanic open border activists.

Apparently, in response to public criticism of their “celebration” on a national day of mourning, CREER recently claimed to have gained the support of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion and personnel from the 1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment from Camp Pendleton through their participation in the event in order to “pay tribute” to the victims of 9/11. CREER re-worded their press release to reflect a “change” in the celebration to include these military groups. This action was seen by some in the community as a blatant attempt to legitimize what they view as anti-American activities by celebrating ethnicities who willingly separate themselves from American culture.

CCS contacted members of the San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point VFW posts and the San Juan Capistrano chapter of the American Legion. None of the members we spoke with had any knowledge of the CREER event and the San Juan VFW requested that The Capistrano Dispatch print a retraction about their reported participation in the CREER event.

This is not the first time that sponsorship or support of an official group or agency was claimed by CREER. At their recent “Dia de los Ninos” event at Stone Field, CREER’s flyer listed the City of San Juan Capistrano as a co-sponsor of the event, a claim the city flatly denied. CREER Director Ybarra claimed that listing the city as a co-sponsor was simply an “oversight” by CREER.

Americans on 9/11 will be mourning the tragic events of 2001, while in local Historic Town Center Park, Hispanics and Juanenos will be celebrating Indigenous People Day with prizes, 40 vendor booths, food and games. This is what you get when you live in a Sanctuary City. Makes you wonder what the City was thinking when they issued this permit to CREER...Just say NO INCUMBENTS with your vote this November...enough is enough.

If you would like to let City Council know what you think about this "celebration" write or email the City.


Anonymous said...

The CREER group reserved that day way in advance so what was the problem? For the past 6 years, they have been holding this celebration in Historic Park on the second Saturday in Sept.

Tea Baggers do not have a monopoly on 9/11. Some members of the U.S. Marine Corp were at the event and time was set aside for a tribute to the victims of 9/ll.

Ms.McCarthy needs to bone up on history i.e.the policy of Manifest Destiny in relation to the Mexican-American war. STOP SPREADING HATE.

kim mccarthy said...

Dear Anonymous, Imagine these 3 scenarios:

1. CREER Leaders accept letter to please switch date to Sept.18. Sign of willingness and respect to simply read it not send it back 2x.
2. Ybarra respectfully accepts letter from a resident at Day of the Child Celebration and sets up a meeting to talk with us about our request. Instead he attempts to assault the resident.
3. CREER Leaders exhibit community spirit and agree to switch date to 9/18-closer to Mex. Ind. day of 9/16 anyway, or as I personally requested of Joe Soto to work with me on a 9/11 celebration to model positive behavior to all children in our town. SOTO said NO.
There would have been no story if 1 of the 3 above played out. And there would not have been ANY 9/11 Commemoration at all without pressure from SJC Americans. This is deeply disturbing.
Self-Segregation and the promotion of 1 ethnicity above all other AMERICANS--is WRONG DIVISIVE and has and is destroying any hopes of having a community in SJC.
Please look for solutions instead of namecalling and false accusations they fuel the divide and hi-light your ignorance. What is your definition of a tea bagger? How am I spreading hate? Attempt to speak factually and maybe we can get somewhere in this exchange.
Kim MCCarthy


Anonymous said...

When a person has no logical argument they call names. Tea-baggers is a homophobic term. Obviously anyone who uses it is a hater afraid of a growing movement of tax payers whom no longer wish their taxes wasted..

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