The Boondoggle that Won't Go Away?

A Halloween Trick...

Wow! It seems like just a few months ago that our city fathers professed their absolute need for a new City Hall. We heard justifications ranging from IT-problems, ADA problems, leaking roof, staff complaints and even mold! Mark Nielsen even tried to imply that the city would lose out on unspecified "grant opportunities" because the building was not ADA-compliant. We were told that "millions of dollars" were at stake!

Obviously, Nielsen and the others were just kidding. While our good old City Hall chugs along, this City Council has presided over the loss of $9.3 million in court to a local property owner who was able to convince a jury that his Constitutional Rights had been violated by our City Fathers. It had nothing to do with the ADA and it wasn't a very difficult argument. Now, despite the fact that our City is on the verge of bankruptcy with no money or insurance to satisfy the court judgement and meet our basic needs, our dissonant City Fathers continue to debate in secret closed-door sessions about the acquisition of Serra Plaza as a new City Hall!

Will the wonders and willfulness of government never cease? It matters not to, Uso, Hribar, Allevato and Freese, that our little municipality is on the verge of insolvency (they are, in part, responsible for this). These council members won't be around when the bills come due. But the future of our town depends on dealing with our new reality now. The city must be made to fit within our existing City Hall and our drastically reduced budget.

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Anonymous said...

These council people never give up do they? I thought they had wisely backed away from the idea of paying for a new city hall, seeings as we can't afford it. Now it's back? How tone deaf are they?

Nevermind -I think I just answered my own question...

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