Our Take on the San Juan Capistrano City Election

The present Council is badly flawed and arguably the most deceptive in City history. A major housecleaning is needed to rid City Hall of “good ol' boy” cronies Mark Nielsen, Lon Uso and Larry Kramer.

As we see it, incumbents Nielsen, Uso and Kramer (a member of the Traffic Commission and infamous “Open Space Committee”) must be removed. While candidate John Taylor seems to be a nice guy, he is supported (some say hand-picked) by the “good ol' boys club”. If the status quo is what you want, then John Taylor, Mark Nielsen and Larry Kramer are your men.
Reform is necessary for a number of reasons. Take for example the council's unwise actions recently which caused a $6.8 million adverse court judgment that we citizens must pay. With interest accruing at roughly $1780 per day, the judgment is now up to $9.4 million with attorney's fees. This one judgment will pretty much whip out our General Fund and there isn't enough in reserves to cover it. So where will our council get the money to pay it? They are prohibited from taking it from the redevelopment agency funds. However, the don't seem to mind taxing the residents more, so another water rate increase is one possible scenario.
Our message is clear: Nielsen, Uso and Kramer are all closely associated with the above malfunctions; they should not be returned or elected to office. We need strong, principled independent leadership to restore stability, accountability, and transparency to our city government. We urge voters to support the team of Derek Reeve, Jim Reardon and Clint Worthington.

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Anonymous said...

I've been paying attention (thanks to the CCS group) and like a lot of people in town, understand that we need big changes on the city council, so I'm voting for Reeve, Reardon & Worthington. Also no on the school board recall - the last thing our schools need is the union controlling the board.

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