Crazy Issues

Jay Wade, CCS Reader

Three issues that are driving us absolutely CRAZY here in San Juan Capistrano are ridiculously apparent to those paying the bill (taxpayers) but seemingly a bona fide mystery to those spending other people’s money (city staff and city council). They are:

What business does the City of San Juan have committing tens of thousands of our taxpayer dollars towards the funding of programs for illegals when we can’t even manage our OWN costs? 

Ground Water Recovery Plant
For God’s sake, audit the GWRP to find out why we’re spending $200,000 more per month to operate it than if we purchased the water from the Metropolitan Water District. If the rationale for building the GWRP was to create our own independent water source and save money and it is instead losing money, let’s find out why and figure out whether it makes sense to continue to dump money into it.

Open Space
Quoting council candidate Derek Reeve, who rightfully asked “How bad was the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park deal? Just look at the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the property that was purchased with the proceeds from the Open Space Bond approved by the voters in 2008. Keep in mind when you read it that this deal was negotiated entirely in secret by 3 unelected members of the Open Space Committee. None of them filed Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms which are required of every other committee and commission member in our city, yet they were allowed to negotiate real estate deals with tens of millions in public funds. One of the three (Brad Gates) owns property in close proximity to the newly acquired Open Space”. This reeks of special interest, collusion and theft of public funds.

When are we going to wake up and elect real, transparent fiscal conservatives to the City Council? I urge San Juan residents to VOTE for Reeve, Reardon and Worthington!

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