Home Invasion in San Juan Capistrano

Orrie Brown

Yes, that's exactly what one family experienced on Tuesday, September 21. Martin Ramirez, a known gang member from San Clemente, was fleeing Deputies and entered a home to hide, while the family was home. The residents noticed a door in their master bedroom was closed, and had previously been open, so they became suspicious. The OCSD helicopter was in the air and deputies and canine units in the neighborhood. They called for help and five Deputies entered the house, with guns drawn, and successfully captured Ramirez.

The residents and law enforcement officials were very fortunate that there were no injuries, as Ramirez is wanted for attempted murder, auto theft, evading arrest, and trespassing. According to Lt. Dan Dwyer, he is currently being held at OC Jail, with one million dollars bail. Ramirez is also on hold for ICE as it is suspected he is not in the US legally. While living in a Gang Injunction zone makes City Council candidates Kramer, Nielsen and Taylor feel "safe", it scares the heck out of most of us who know what that means and how and why we got here. I look forward to the day when living under a Gang Injunction is no longer needed. Our City leaders should be working towards that goal and not accepting the status quo. Rid our City of "our" gang problems by tough enforcement of the law and focus on public safety!


Anonymous said...

he is here legally you dumb ass, born and raised.

Anonymous said...

The poster above obviously has a soft spot for criminals and hates those of us who want safe communities.

Anonymous said...

The poster above OBVIOUSLY did not understand what was posted.

I do not hate those of you who want safe communities, but when it comes to racial profiling... "suspecting he is not in the US legally", pretty much because he is Hispanic and a "gang member" is ridiculous.

I never mentioned anything about not wanting safe communities, far from that.

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