My children and my property value on November 2

A Mom's "Special Interests"
Kim McCarthy

November 2 is an opportunity for San Juan Capistrano parents to vote to support their children and for all voters to protect their property values. We have watched our property values plummet while our historic town has been turned into a sanctuary city. Meanwhile, our current city “leaders” are spending our money like there’s no tomorrow on unnecessary pet projects.

I may not be a doctor, a businessman, or an open space committee member, but I know what’s good for my family and it’s not another four years of bad decisions by incumbents or committee members and their associates.

In the last City Council election, I made the mistake of trusting candidates who said they believed in public safety, fiscal responsibility and transparency, without asking for specifics. This time around I have asked for specifics and because I have done my homework, I am voting for REEVE, REARDON and WORTHINGTON for the following reasons:

Public Safety
The team of three is committed to enforcement of existing laws and will make public safety a top priority. Tools such as E-Verify would be implemented to obtain a city license to operate in San Juan Capistrano to help restore jobs to citizens and legally documented immigrants. Code enforcement will be strengthened. Rule of Law would be adopted. Beware of recent statements by candidates John Taylor, Larry Kramer (open space comm. member) and incumbent Mark Nielsen, at the candidate forum Oct. 14 - Mobile Home Estates. These three framed the gang injunction as a ‘good thing’, as a solution to a very real and dangerous problem. In fact, the gang injunction does NOT address the problem, good ole’ fashioned stepped-up law enforcement is the answer. Taylor and Kramer don’t get it but mimic Nielsen’s rhetoric, who obviously does gets it because he drives his children out of town to attend a private academy for school Monday through Friday!

Imagine putting your house up for sale tomorrow and potential buyers ask you about the schools in the area. What are you going to say, “Well there are many public and private schools to choose from. Most are in gang injunction neighborhoods and the public ones have sub-standard scores and gang members…the private ones that aren’t in the gang injunction neighborhoods range from $15,0000-$30,000 per child. So how do you like my house now?”

Nielsen and Uso have had four years to address this and have chosen social engineering (daycare, counseling) over stepped-up law enforcement. Kramer and Taylor agree with Nielsen… We citizens cannot take another four years of this insanity where social engineering takes the place of actual law enforcement.

Fiscal Responsibility
This team will take a commonsense approach to the City's finance . Sound, prudent expenditures with an emphasis on sticking to the basics of city management. We can't continue spending on programs because they feel good today.

The Reeve, Reardon and Worthington slate have committed to televising city council meetings, a service offered for free by Cox Communications but which our current council refuses to use. The team is committed to halting closed door meetings in which private citizens from “ad hoc” groups like the Open Space Committee use our tax dollars to make deals with developers – deals that benefit them, not us.

I am sick and tired of hearing, “Our city staff is overworked” and “I don’t have support from my fellow council members” to “We don’t have enough money.” Look at some pet projects they do have money for:
  • $200,000 for gang counseling 
  • $339,756 for daycare (yr. 10/11 $78,058 - 9/10 $78,058- 8/09 $91,820 7/08 $91,820) 
  • $575,000 on a road for the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park open space debacle, (that we residents can’t drive on!) 
  • 3 YEARS FREE rent o CREER, whose stated mission is “Empowering Latino Youth.” CREER refuses non-Hispanic members, and works with La Raza and OCCCO in a convenient location from one of our city buildings surrounded by gang injunction neighborhoods. 
  • $600,000 on a Redevelopment Plan where consultants removed private property at will, i.e. Denaults, Plaza De Prosperidad’s parking lot, Plaza Del “O”, and others. My favorite, drawing a grassy, tree filled median down Del Obispo (INGENIUS), which will slow down traffic by taking existing road space! (I could have given my 10yr. old some markers and told him to stay in between the property lines, and he’d have done a better job). 
ENOUGH is ENOUGH… We residents have the advantage of seeing what they’ve done for the last 4 years. This Nov. 2nd VOTE for THE RIGHT TEAM…REEVE, REARDON and WORTHINGTON who support the RULE OF LAW in San Juan Capistrano…

Just a mother’s advice.


Anonymous said...

gang counseling is important and what daycare?

Kim McCarthy said...

What benefits (facts) of 'gang counseling' can you list that would support your statement that it is important?
IMO, city taxpayer $ should never be spent on counseling or daycare(Boys & Girls Club)for any reason.
The $ spent on the counseling and daycare would equal 2 additional policemen in SJC...Public safety is the #1 function of city government.
Good ole fashion consequences for actions, which is sorely missing in this town. This is why we are still under gang injunction and the tax payer funded gang counseling(doesn't work but supports more government jobs while providing a false sense of 'doing something about it.') has now spread to Newhart Middle School in Mission Viejo.
Enforce the law and leave counseling for families to decide and pay for.
Thank you -Kim McCarthy

Rose Stone said...

Counseling to gang members? Brilliant. And, we pay for this? The only way to keep kids out of trouble and directed is involvement in a sport or activity like, dance, music, art, writing fiction or work program. Teach them something, engage them, increase their self worth. Forget gang counseling it only reaffirms entitlement mentality. This is a waste of tax payer money. Teach them something so that they can feel good about themselves.

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