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Well, as the swallows of Capistrano Common Sense foretold, the makeup of our City Council has really changed with the recent election. Capistrano Common Sense wishes to congratulate Larry Kramer, Derek Reeve, and John Taylor as they become the new City Council members on Tuesday, December 7.

It will be very interesting to see how votes line up over the next two years, as many perceive Allevato, Kramer and Taylor to be representing the "good ole' boys" club, Freese to be on a mission to "yuppify" our downtown (even if it means using eminent domain) and giving our hard-earned tax dollars to every social engineering program in town, while Reeve is the scholar and "unknown" on the council.

We hope you will all listen to your constituents, treat us with respect whether we agree or disagree on issues, and remember that you are representing the citizens of San Juan Capistrano with every decision you make.

In that vein, we'd like to raise the following issues that our readers, friends and families think are important and areas deserving of your attention:
  • Stop pursuing building or purchasing a new City Hall. You don't need one and we don't want one. 
  • Please stop wasting our tax dollars on lobbyists and grant writing. There is no such thing as "free" money. Taxpayers pay for all sides of grants as well as salaries for staff and lobbyists to obtain them. 
  • Establish San Juan Capistrano as a Rule of Law City and please don't tell us it can't be done. While you're at it, require E-Verify for not only City Staff and Contractors, but for every business that operates in our City when they apply for a business license. 
  • Speaking of business licenses, do you know that some of our neighboring cities do not require them? If we eliminated this expense, perhaps more businesses would stay in San Juan Capistrano. And definitely eliminate the requirement for a “building” to have a business license.. 
  • Remove the red light cameras. They don't reduce accidents or improve safety, but are unfriendly to businesses, citizens and visitors. A great example of taxation by citation. 
  • Instruct the OC Sheriff officers in our City to apply the law to all residents equally in all areas of our City. 
  • Cut our City Staff to a more reasonable number, somewhere between 50 and 75 and take another look at the employment benefits they receive, once again all at taxpayer expense. 
  • Be open and transparent in every way possible. No more back door deals and secret meetings. A great step in that direction would be to televise all City Council meetings. 
We look forward to hearing your views and seeing how things play out with this new Council makeup. We will be paying close attention and trust you will do your best to represent the citizens of San Juan Capistrano.

Happy New Year to our City Council and to all citizens of San Juan Capistrano!

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