Economic Profiling by the OC Sheriff and San Juan Capistrano

Taxation by Citation

When was the last time you received a traffic ticket in San Juan Capistrano?

From our observation the favorite spots for the Sheriff to give tickets, by direction of our city council, are on the east side of town at Ambuehl School 7 a.m.-8 a.m. while parents drop their children off at school, Camino Lacouague while parents drop their kids off to walk to SJHHS, the Ortega speed trap just east of La Novia, and last but not least – exceeding $400+ each ticket – the red light cameras at Ortega/Del Obispo and at Camino Capistrano/Del Obispo.

Did you know our city splits the revenue from these tickets with the Sheriff? Apparently, $7 million+ fee for the Sheriff's services is not enough, and who can blame our illustrious city leaders present and past resorting to this form of Taxation by Citation?

On November 4th 2010, after witnessing several tickets issued at Ambuehl Elementary, we filed a Public Request for Information with our local sheriff and city. The following information was requested:
  • Provide the last 90 days of tickets written in SJC 
  • Moving forward: provide weekly tickets issued in SJC 
  • Last 90 days record of tickets ‘PAID’ in SJC 
  • How is the ticket revenue divided between the OCSD and the City of SJC 
  • How many police officers are assigned to SJC and exactly WHERE and WHAT do they do all day 
  • Provide a copy of the contract with OCSD and the city of SJC (We have received a copy of this document). 
Neither the City or the local Police Chief have responded to this request but have referred us to .

Follow Capistrano Common Sense in the next issue as we explore the answers to these questions as well as the role of Sheriff in our county. The role of a county sheriff is one of the two most important elected offices in a state, next only to the governor. These two offices have the power and autonomy to protect its citizens against the abuses of liberty. The breakdown of a city’s infrastructure (bankruptcy, lack of public safety, social programming with tax dollars etc.) are a result of Sheriffs and Governors NOT upholding our country's constitution and NOT enforcing the laws

By the way, if you happen to run into our local sheriff Lt. Dan Dwyer, be sure to wish him well… Dwyer will be retiring in March of 2011, at age 51, with a lifetime pension equal to 90% of his pay plus benefits.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Lt. Dan Dwyer has done an outstanding job for the City of SJC! Traffic safety is a big part of public safety! Regarding pensions: Police officers contribute to their pensions in lieu of recieving it in salary and having to invest it themselves. It is amazing to me how jealous and mean people are toward those who are smart about their money. It is a well earned retirement for all American hero's like him! Great job Lt. Dwyer and I hope the very best for you and your family!

I am a tax paying citizen of this great country and I signed anonymous because I do not want to be attacked by the author of this whiney article. It is not worth the arguement because the author only hears what he/she wants to hear regardless of the facts.

Kim McCarthy said...

I always find it amusing when in the face of facts, individuals such as anonymous above, manage to assume an attack is at hand and resort to namecalling. Simple information Anonymous and look what you magaged to turn it into; you missed the entire point!
If it is not worth the arguement, why are you on this website turning it into one?
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Anonymous #1.. I also am a tax paying citizen and our public servants do pay and contribute a great deal toward their pensions. I support them as I recognize as everyone should that they represent the thin line that stands between the law abiding citizens and those who would harm us or our possessions. Dedicating ones life to the service and protection of others in the face of the dangerous society we live in today is noble and we should not take shots at them for receiving a just and fair pension that they worked hard for and contributed to for 30+ years and were negotiated for / agreed to in good faith by governmental entities (County of Orange). THOSE are the facts...

kim mccarthy said...

Let's try this one more time...this is about pensions that allow public servants to retire at 50 with 90 % of their pay---our state is broke and this is one of the main reasons why. The rest of us in the public sector will have to work until were 80 to pay for this! GET IT?
kim mccarthy

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