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§ We would like to introduce you, our readers, to San Juan Capistrano's new Police Chief, Lt. John Meyer. Lt. Meyer will be writing an article, periodically, for CCS. If you have any questions for him, please submit them to CCS editorial board. Welcome Lt. Meyer!

Lt. John Meyer, OCSD

For the past 50 years since incorporation, the City of San Juan Capistrano has contracted its law enforcement services from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The team of Orange County Sheriff Deputies and Professional and Support staff (San Juan Capistrano Police Services), that provide Law Enforcement Services to the city of San Juan Capistrano, occupy offices in the renovated historic San Juan Hot Springs Dance Hall located at the south end of Paseo Adelanto just south of City Hall (32400 Paseo Adelanto).

My name is John Meyer. I am a Lieutenant with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and as your Chief of Police Services, I oversee a staff of 29 (4 Sergeants, 2 Investigators, 21 Sheriff Deputies, and 2 Community Service Officers). It is my goal to provide the finest law enforcement. We work in a collaborative partnership with a variety of other organizations, community and civic groups. The outstanding support we receive from City Staff, the Mayor and the City Council enables us to provide responsive and professional Law Enforcement services to all residents and visitors in San Juan Capistrano.

Excellence in law enforcement / public safety originates from the foundation of Community Oriented Policing. This means partnering with the community to develop a deeper understanding of the unique issues affecting the city and working out solutions to problems that adversely affect the quality of life and those that can ultimately result in crime. This partnership includes clear communication between citizens and our department regarding crime trends and neighborhood issues. It also means us getting out in the community through active patrols and reaching out to the citizens with information to arm themselves against falling victim to crime.

One of San Juan Capistrano Police Services most valuable resources are the services of our Associated Seniors Action Program (Affectionately known as ASAP’s). These volunteers patrol the city on bicycles and in a van for parking enforcement, to look for and report graffiti vandalism, and to be eyes and ears for our deputies. They also staff a Kiosk near the Depot, the front counter at Police Services, and provide Vacation Home Checks for those leaving town for a while. Their services to the city are invaluable.

Our Community Services Officers patrol the entire city enforcing parking regulations and investigating traffic collisions. In 2010, over 5,730 parking citations were written and hundreds of vehicles were towed.
Our School Resource Deputy serves / oversees all private and public school campuses in the city, especially our High and Middle Schools. On campus he is a mentor to the students, keeping them on track making good decisions, staying in school and also holding accountable those who are truant or are otherwise committing crimes on campus.
Our Patrol deputies can be seen at any time of day actively patrolling all areas of the city on the lookout for crime and also as a deterrent for criminal activity. Our deputies investigate reported crimes and respond to emergencies as they are reported. They know this community and strive to establish a rapport with the citizens, fostering excellent police / community relations. 

Our two motor deputies enforce traffic laws throughout the city in an effort to reduce collisions and save lives. Their efforts have been successful during this past year as traffic collisions in 2010 are down almost 10% from 2009 and there has not been a fatal collision in the past three years.

We work as a team serving you, and we welcome your comments and suggestions as we partner together against crime to maintain the quality of life in this great city.

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