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Hopefully, most of our readers have heard of the government tool, E-Verify, that employers can use to be sure their current or prospective employees have the legal right to work in this country.  It is free, 99.6% accurate and readily available to any employer who has a computer and internet access.

In these, and any economic times, it is vital that employers hire only those that have the legal right to be legally employed. The best source of information on the accuracy and effectiveness of E-Verify is the government-commissioned Westat report, which came out early last year The Obama Administration's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services summary of the Westat report (Westat Evaluation of the E-Verify Program: USCIS Synopsis of Key Findings and Program Implications, January 28, 2010) says that:

  • over 99 percent of authorized workers are initially found to be employment authorized, and the majority of the rest are ultimately found to be authorized
  • E-Verify accurately detects the status of unauthorized workers almost half of the time
  • it may be that E-Verify deters many unauthorized workers from even applying for jobs
  • E-Verify is much more effective than the Form I-9 verification process used without E-Verify
  • E-Verify is the best available tool to help employers determine whether their employees are authorized to work in the United States
  • E-Verify reduces discrimination against foreign-born workers
  • Employers are generally satisfied with the program and feel it is non-burdensome
In a recent customer satisfaction survey by CFI Group, E-Verify received an exceptionally high overall customer satisfaction score. The survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of users were likely to recommend E-Verify to other employers, were confident in E-Verify's accuracy, and were likely to continue using the program. (USCIS, E-Verify Gets High Marks from Employers in Customer Satisfaction Survey, 1/18/11. A law enforcement and compliance tool that is quick, inexpensive, and non-burdensome and that cuts the rate of a particular crime in half is, in our view, a very good one.
What businesses in San Juan Capistrano use E-Verify?  We would encourage the City to make this information available, but at this time, that seems to be a hard question to answer.  If you are a business who uses this tool or if you know of a business who does so, please let us know so that we can applaud and identify them in our next issue of Capistrano Common Sense.

Thank you, City of San Juan Capistrano, for using E-Verify for employees and contractors and encouraging businesses in our City to do so.  Are you ready for the next step? Protect our City, State and Country--require each business that applies for a business license with the City to use E-Verify!

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