Welcome Our New City Manager!

We would like to offer a warm welcome to Ms. Karen Brust, the new City Manager of San Juan Capistrano. We anticipate that she may require a few weeks to re-orient herself from a Charter City to a General Law City. A General Law City expects the City Manager to function as chief administrative officer receiving policy direction from the voters through the elected City Council.

As a grass roots organization dedicated to our social and historical traditions which have existed here for over 200 years, CCS' hope is that San Juan can be restored to a stable, fiscally conservative governmental atmosphere. Indeed, when we meet with Karen Brust, we’ll offer her our opinion that recent City Councils have too closely micromanaged City Hall. They have exhibited an alarming tendency to engage in liberal social engineering which has driven up our debt.

We note with pleasure that Karen Brust has a strong back-ground in municipal finance and water utility management. There is a prevailing opinion that the lack of financial transparency and the disastrous mismanagement of the city’s water department are the most problematic issues now facing our City. Her skills are sorely needed and hopefully they will bring a breath of fresh air to City governance. 

Ms. Brust, welcome again to this charming and historic city! We locals sometimes refer to San Juan Capistrano as “the little city with big city problems” but we stand ready to assist you in any and all matters. Best wishes for your success!

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Anwar Hussain said...

Some really interesting ideas of how to engage with your sites audience. Looking forward to testing some of these out on my own blog/site. Thank so much.

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