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The following are excerpts from recent emails we received from CCS Readers:

Without patriots like you, our city and others will continue to abuse and make stupid decisions that others will pay for long after the city managers have left... Please try to keep up the great work! “ 
- BR, SJC resident

I just wanted to thank you for looking out for us here in San Juan. Your news letter actually answered two questions I had concerning “ the ranch “ and my outrageous water bill! I am really glad there are people out there like you all who take the time to attend meetings and keep the “ good ‘ol boys” in line...or at least let them know there being watched.
KI, SJC Resident

Keep up the good work and effort to keep us informed.- BC, SJC resident

Thanks for keeping us informed about what our city council & staff are doing. This is news I’m not getting anywhere else.CB, SJC resident

Keep your trash off my porch!- Anonymous

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