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Of all the letters and emails received from CCS readers, the high cost of water is the most common. The stories are eerily similar; residents receive an unreasonably high water bill and when they complain to the City, they are visited by a City employee who tells them they must have a “slab leak”. After paying a leak detection service to determine there is no slab leak, the City threatens to shut off their water service if they don’t pay the outrageous (and what in many cases appears to be unjustified) water bill.

Sound familiar? If so, we want to hear from you! Please email us at: and let us know how much your water bill has increased and whether you were told by the City that you must have a “slab leak” only to find that you do not.

Here are some excerpts from recent letters and emails received from CCS readers about their water bills:

"Kudos to you for exposing the ridiculous and apparently illegal billing system!" 

"The city's "tiered" water billing system is as phony as a $3.00 bill. I think the City is trying to balance their budget on ratepayers like me."

"The City is a closed system designed to meet their corrupt ends, and I am embarrassed to find myself one of their victims. Nobody can explain a domestic water system that develops a "leak" just once a year, than goes back to normal for the next 11 months. Only [the Water Dept] finds this to be normal."

"When I complained about my bill, I was told by the water department employee that came out to check my meter that I shouldn’t complain because if I think this is bad, it’s going to get even more expensive!"

"The City's water billing is nothing than a form of legalized extortion."

"Many of my neighbors (and myself) are very upset and perplexed why our water bills are so high…even after we have cut back water usage as much as possible. Your… articles cleared up some of our questions."

"I think they are just ‘guesstimating’ the meters in their favor!!"

"Unfortunately, I have been paying an unfair amount every month as a result of this tiered billing system." 

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