SDG&E Requests “No Public Hearing”

SDG&E submitted an application to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on 5/18/12 for approval to double the size of the substation on Camino Capistrano and more than double the voltage on the transmission lines. Despite (or because of?) the huge impacts to our town, SDG&E is requesting that the public not be granted a Public Hearing with the Public Utilities Commission. The proposed project will:

- Build a massive new substation (doubling the size) with two 45 to 50-foot tall buildings and a 360-foot long, 10-foot high wall the length of a football field at the Northern entrance to historic downtown.

- Increase Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs). This project will more than double the voltage on the transmission lines running throughout town, including through many neighborhoods. Health risks are unknown, but so were the health impacts from smoking and asbestos exposure for many years. Some studies suggest that prolonged exposure to high levels of EMF may contribute to health problems such as childhood leukemia and brain tumors. Families living near smaller electrical substations have experienced problems ranging from hair loss to cancer.

SDG&E employees admit that this project is to increase power to the region, not just to our town. Why are we absorbing all the risks and the visual blight with no direct benefit?

Utility expansion has been stopped or at least mitigated by community opposition in the past. You can email or write to request a Public Hearing HERE IN SAN JUAN and to express your opinion about this project to the CPUC via email at: , Application # 12-05-020 or via mail to: Hon. Darwin Farrar, CPUC Director, Energy Division, 505 Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94102,  Application # 12-05-020  .

To our City Council’s credit, they recognize the impacts this project will have on our town and have drafted a letter to the CPUC requesting that hearings be held in San Juan. We will provide updates to this issue in the CCS…stay tuned!

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