Water Rates; Defending the Indefensible...

Recently in the Capistrano Valley News, Mayor Larry Kramer attempted to explain away the 25.6% water and sewer fee increase imposed by the Council majority on July 1. After a rambling explanation about how frugal with water his household is, the mayor was left with the fact that it's still a 25.6% increase, no matter how insignificant Mr. Kramer wants you to believe 25.6% is. With inflation only increasing at about 2% per year, our water and sewer rate increases amount to over ten times the rate of inflation. Clearly the City will not control costs, so tax increases are their only answer.

We at CCS believe the water rates are already out of control and increasing the unreasonably high rates only makes a bad situation worse. How about you; what do you think? We’d like to hear your thoughts. We can be reached at: eboard@ccsense.com .

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