What Your Neighbors Are Saying…

Since we began publication 2 ½ years ago, we have encouraged emails and letters from our readers – and boy, do we get them!

Listed below are excerpts from some of them, to let you know what your fellow residents are saying:

“I have been a homeowner in SJC for 12 years. First of all I'd like to say that I appreciate all your efforts in trying to bring transparency to our towns’ political arena (where it is so very needed).”

“Can someone do some sleuthing and find out who was taking money under the table when this [CR&R trash] contract was signed? This contract smells…”

“I commend your services in "Capistrano Common Sense". Keep it up”

“Our water rates are WAY out of line. The major rate difference from the surrounding cities plus the illegal "tiered" billing is ridiculous!! Is the City going to take another 5 years to realize that?”

“Thank you for your newsletters, helping the citizens of San Juan Capistrano be apprised of the truth.”

“I am grateful to hear that I am not the only resident in SJC who is astounded by how much I pay for water compared to friends in other nearby communities. Another example of the gross mis-management that goes on in our city government. Thanks for watching out for us all.”

“It's comforting to my wife and I, especially in these days of such widespread apathy, to know that there are still some groups around willing to fight for what's right.”

“Watch dogs can be of great service to the citizens and great balance to any entity in power. Good luck with achieving that goal.”

“I recently received the Capistrano Common Sense and you can count me as one of your fellow outraged citizens...Things must change and soon. I now pay more for water than I do for cable, gas, trash service and electricity combined. What more can be done to hold those responsible accountable and to turn this ridiculous situation around?”

“Your last three issues have covered water concerns and rising water bills, but I do not see the City Council responding in kind. The two and three tier billing is just that - more money for the city. Common Sense and other concerned people better be at all meetings hammering this council to correct all financial problems with the city. It is basically what is wrong not only local but national. There is so much apathy, directed at people who continue to turn away from the true problems we have…Thanks”

“Your “watchdog” reporting is appreciated. So much so I recently joined CTA …”

“Hello to all of you and best of luck [with] Capistrano Common Sense. It was interesting and informative front to back.”

“..i was wondering when we could organize and get some action from a do nothing city hall…we have the highest water rates in o.c....[Mayor Kramer] submitted a column to the register that we don’t understand the rate structure in san juan and that raises in water rates weren’t really a raise;
.is that the new math? ...will do what ever we need to do to stop this ....”

“..While I cannot afford a vacation; While the economy lags; While a whole new city is poised to be built a mile away off our tax and water backs; While the Ortega is about to be widened just for the sake of getting people on and off the freeway; While the water rates jump and leap; What’s wrong with this city management? Why do I have to pinch pennies but they won’t? Why is there so much corruption and self-interest in this city at the expense of their neighbor? Thank you for getting to the bottom of the deceptions.”

“Kudos to you for exposing the ridiculous and apparently illegal [water] billing system! Thank you for your newsletter.”

“Glad to see others are finally seeing that the tiered water billing was unconstitutional / illegal. I tried several years ago to warn and caution the City about it because it made no sense. To me one was being penalized for using more water”

“The council should have never switched over from [Metropolitan Water District]; when they did so they created a financial burden on the residents - basically without listening to what residents had to say. And now another big increase to reduce the deficit - we are having to pay for their mistakes - all political agenda and way out of line.”

As always, we want to continue to hear from you! Please email us at: eboard@ccsense.com .

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Anonymous said...

“Kudos to you, have the city of San Juan Capistrano "to return the hard made money" to all San Juan Capistrano residents for the over payment of non justified of water charges. God Bless and hope this will come to a reality.

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