We are fortunate to live in a unique historic and equestrian community surrounded by beautiful undeveloped ridgelines and residents passionate about protecting their quality of life. And we have much to protect, especially with the changes that we see all around us; more traffic, more development, increasing cost of living…at times it seems overwhelming.But then you see leaders in the community like Ilse Byrnes, who has devoted a good deal of her personal time to the protection of San Juan’s historic treasures. Ilse is quoted in an article in this issue about the need to preserve the historic SDG&E substation building on the edge of our historic downtown. Without dedicated preservationists like Ilse, much of our San Juan history would be lost forever. 

There are also the “Next Generation” of leaders like Jasmine Pourazar who through her desire to protect the town that she was raised in, started a youth group in San Juan with a goal of “giving back” to the community in order to make it a better place for all to live. Jasmine is featured in an article about the group she has started, which we at the CCS fully support. 

We also want to express gratitude to those in the community who have supported us over these past three years. With your help and encouragement, we now reach every home in San Juan as well as hundreds of businesses.

As always, we welcome your input. Be sure to take our survey on the home page and let us know what issues are of the most interest to you.

Stay tuned to the CCS for more exciting changes as we continue to grow.

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