The Ark - “The Last Hope for the Lost and Abandoned Animals of San Juan”

"Little Meg"
The Ark is the only non-profit animal rescue group saving the lives of San Juan animals. Since 2008, this all-volunteer group has rescued 450 animals.

This month’s pet “Little Meg” needs a home!le Meg” needs a home!

“Little Meg” was found abandoned and suffering from severe injuries. It is suspected she was attacked by another dog and left for dead. Her eye was severely damaged, requiring its removal. She is currently being cared for by the staff at San Juan Animal Hospital, where her care is sponsored by the Jack Mannix Memorial Fund, established in honor of the late Dr. Jack Mannix.

“The Ark has taken this little one onboard. We will do everything we can to give her the second chance she so deserves”, said Kathy Hammersly, Board Member of The Ark. To inquire about adopting Little Meg, contact Kathy at: (949) 388-0034.

There are many ways you can help the lost and abandoned animals of San Juan. Spaying and neutering your pets will prevent overpopulation, which contributes to unwanted and abandoned animals. In addition, as a purely volunteer organization, The Ark survives through your generous donations. Please visit their website at: to make a contribution. The Ark is also in need of volunteers to serve as foster “parents” and to walk the many dogs in foster care and in boarding facilities while waiting for their forever homes.

Save the Date - The Ark’s Fifth Annual “Paws in the Garden” Tour is on April 27th !

Please join The Ark for a tour of beautiful local gardens. This is a major fundraiser for The Ark. Details are coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ark for caring about the animals that others don't care about! You provide a vital service to the community - bless you!!!

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