Letter to the Editor: Foster Homes Needed for Rescued Pets

If you are concerned about the welfare of our community’s lost and homeless pets, will you please join me in supporting our town’s last remaining rescue group; The Ark of San Juan?

As of July 2011, when Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) announced they would no longer be rescuing and adopting animals, and instead would transition to a fundraising foundation donating to other animal-aid groups, The Ark has had to pick up the slack and attempt to rescue all of our town’s homeless pets.

Without an animal shelter of any sort in San Juan, and to date with no financial assistance offered from CARE’s foundation, temporary foster homes are desperately needed. Without enough foster homes, The Ark is limited in their ability to save all of our town’s adoptable cats and dogs.

As a volunteer foster myself, I watch in amazement as The Ark continues to trudge up to the County animal shelter to retrieve our town’s pets that are scheduled to be euthanized. These are lost or relinquished pets that would have no hope of a second chance if it were not for The Ark.

Fostering is fulfilling and easy; The Ark pays for food, supplies and any needed healthcare. Foster homes usually keep their animals for a couple of weeks to a couple of months until they are adopted.

If you have a place in your heart and home for a pet that is waiting to be adopted, please contact The Ark today and say “Yes, I want to help give homeless pets their second chance. I will provide a foster home!”

Please email ArkOfSanJuan@cox.net Visit: www.ArkOfSanJuan.org or call (949) 388-0034

Thank you.

Shirley Stewart

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