Councilman Reeve Proposes City Partnership With The Ark of San Juan

The following two letters were received in response to Agenda item # J3 at the June 4 City Council meeting; “Consideration of a Formal Partnership between the City and The Ark of San Juan, Companion Animal Rescue” proposed by Councilman Derek Reeve.
The council is currently reviewing the proposal which as Councilman Reeve pointed out, will cost the City nothing but which will help the Ark of San Juan continue to save lost and abandoned animals. The Ark is the only all-volunteer, non-profit animal rescue organization in San Juan. 

Letter # 1 - Support 

June 2013

Dear Mayor Taylor, Mayor Pro-tem Allevato and Council Members Roy Byrnes, Derek Reeve and Larry Kramer,

Some may ask 'Who is The Ark of San Juan? Since the City contracts with the County for animal services why should the City partner with them?'

The Ark is a 50l(c)(3) charitable non profit organization formed in 2008. The Ark is volunteer-based, has no salaried officers or staff. Without a facility The Ark depends on foster homes or boarding facilities until rescued pets are adopted. They are the only rescue group in San Juan Capistrano working in conjunction with OC Animal Care to save our community's lost and abandoned pets. Since their formation The Ark has saved 400+ abandoned pets, thus saving the City the added cost of euthanasia at the County.

As an outreach to our community The Ark has begun a series of programs for the youth of San Juan Capistrano including presentations last month to Keystone Club youths at the local Boys & Girls Club and 'Good Dog Sense for Kids' to 180 third and forth graders at Kinoshita Elementary School.

Yes, Orange County Animal Care (shelter) presently provides animal service for our town and is doing the best they can; no complaints about their service. But sadly their time and resources are stretched between 18 cities and various unincorporated areas which they serve: Anaheim, Brea, Cypress, Fullerton, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove. Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Orange, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana (Shelter Service Only), Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Yorba Linda and various Unincorporated areas.

OC Animal Care's own full disclosure website* shows that they take in 30,000 cats, dogs, bunnies and other pets each year. No way! That's 2,500 new pets each month needing homes!

Despite OC Animal Care's heroic efforts to be proactive in placing pets by offering monthly adoption events and featuring impounded pets on the internet, the task of finding adoptive homes for 30,000 pets is monumental. OC Animal Care's website shows the reality of not finding enough homes for that many lost and abandoned pets:

Of the 12,000 cats impounded in 2012,74% were euthanized.

Of the 13,600 dogs impounded in 2012, 19% were euthanized.

The Ark of San Juan Capistrano is not asking for a hand out from the City. They are hoping for a leg up. It will be a win-win for both the City and our lost and abandoned pets!

Please vote Yes on this item. And all the critters on board The Ark said 'Amen!'

Thank you.

Yvonne Tschaikowsky
San Juan Capistrano resident
Volunteer for The Ark of San Juan Capistrano
* OC Animal Care website:

Letter # 2 - Oppose

Date: June 2013
Subject: Note From Tom Hribar on Council Item.

Mayor Taylor and Council Members:

Why Should The City Partner With ARP [sic] ? How About Partnering With The Open Space Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, The Womans Club, The Historical Society, The Equestrian Coalition Etc. Etc. Etc.

Come On. No Way. The Next Thing Will Be a Dog Shelter in San Juan Capistrano.

I Challenge You To Tour The Orange County Animal Shelter as I Have Done. They Do a Great Job. The Internet Allows This Organizations to Do Their Job of "Adoption" Very Easily.

Who is Arp? What Does Their Balance Sheet Look Like? Do They Have an Office in Town? Lets Partner With Youth, Beautification of Our Town, Downtown Projects, Etc.!!

Please Vote No on This Item.

Thank You.
Tom Hribar
"Your High Performance Realtor"
RE/MAX Select One


Anonymous said...

Hribar - what a tool

Anonymous said...

Shame on Tom Hribar...just another one of the good ole boys showing his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Why is Tom Hribar taking it out on the poor animals? The animal shelter kills the animals after a relatively short period of time if they aren't adopted.

Anonymous said...

I compliment Councilman Reeve on his proposal to partner with The Ark in an effort to curb city expenses and also provide support to a local 501c)(3) non profit. Before anyone comments on this issue, they should be required to tour the OC Animal Control Facilities and see the thousands of wonderful, healthy animals that must be euthanized (at taxpayers expense) every year because there are not enough homes for these abandoned pets. The Ark has an outstanding record in placing animals up for adoption in loving homes and promoting humane education in local schools and community groups thanks to their NON COMPENSATED, faithful volunteers who work to the point of exhaustion. They have my gratitude and support for what they have accomplished and my non profit is available to help them in any way possible. A Ramsey, Founder. The Bark & Meow Foundation.
Facebook: Bark and Meow Foundation

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