“If You Build It They Will Come…”


Organizations opposing the extension of the 241 toll road have stated that the Transportation Corridors Agencies (TCA)’s plan to extend the 241 toll road south in “segments” is prohibited. Apparently the South Coast Regional Water Board agreed, recently denying a permit to the TCA to extend a 5.5-mile segment to “Cow Camp Road” above Antonio and Ortega.

So what does this mean for San Juan Capistrano? In our opinion, this is a victory for San Juan residents who would have been subjected to even more traffic being dumped onto Ortega via the Cow Camp Road exit.

Research indicates that the Ranch needs the toll road extension in order to create “road capacity” to handle the enormous volume of traffic the new development will generate.

We find contradictory statements by elected officials like TCA Board member and

SJC Councilman Sam Allevato who claims that we need the toll road to relieve traffic congestion on the 5 freeway, while supporting the Rancho Mission Viejo Co’s planned development of 14,000 homes and 5 million square feet on our eastern border. If Councilman Allevato is so concerned about traffic congestion, why did he agree to waive our right to sue or even object to the traffic that will be generated by the Ranch’s new development? (see RMV Purchase contract at: www.ccsense.com).

Supporting a landowner’s right to develop their property is one thing, but not protecting your residents from its negative impacts is another.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I was on the fence about the toll road. I thought that if it relieved some of the heavy congestion of the 5 fwy then how can that be a bad thing. But if the toll road is being done mostly to meet some kind of criteria so that more development can be built out east of SJC then I can't support it. One thing we don't need is more traffic.

Anonymous said...

sam allevato has been a one man wrecking crew for the city of San Juan...he supports himself and his cronies personal need which is to line their pockets with tax payer dollars regardless of negative impacts on residents quality of life

Anonymous said...

Well, you're wrong, of course. The Ranch did not even publicly support the toll road extension. If the toll road is not built, the Ranch will build "Street F" in its place.

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