San Juan Capistrano

City Council Burns Through Your Cash

By Roy Byrnes, M.D., San Juan Capistrano City Councilman

At the last council meeting your City Council did again what it does so well; shoveling your tax dollars into the furnace.
SJC Councilman Roy Byrnes, MD

This time the ruling three council majority pushed through a measure to spend a half million dollars to buy diesel generators as “emergency back ups” to pump water for the Ground Water Recycling Plant. Why was this a stupid move? Because in order to use the generators, two phenomenally unlikely events must both occur together (1) Metropolitan Water authority must fail to deliver water, which hasn't happened in over 100 years and at the same time, (2) SDG &E electrical power must fail for a 48 hour period. This hasn't happened in 100 years either.

Two "never before happened in over 100 years” events must occur simultaneously. Yes, for this long shot to pay off, you'd have to hold winning tickets for both the California and the National lotto on the same day. I don't know how to calculate the odds against that one but Sam Allevato, Larry Kramer and John Taylor went blithely ahead while Derek Reeve and I voted “No' . We lost the vote 2 to 3.

In defense of those profligate souls, they considered the half million ”free money” because it's California Proposition 50 Grant Money and “would go to some other city if we did not use it “ (that's their quote). I sharply disagree – tax dollars are not to be wantonly thrown around whether it's my tax dollars or your tax dollars. All tax dollars are sacred.

What stings here is the fact that this money must be spent by the end of this year. The bureaucracy requires that Proposition 50 Grant money be spent by December 31 or it reverts back to the State. Consequently, City Hall is now in a feverish frenzy to spend (read: “Get Rid Of”) your money before December. As someone who was elected to spend your tax dollars responsibly, is it no wonder that I am upset?


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Common Sense ridicules the city for not having a back up generator on the water plant, then criticizes the leaders when they buy one.

Unknown said...
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