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This Month's Question for Council members

Occasionally the CCS will ask City Council members a question and give them an opportunity to respond to their constituents.

Here is this month’s question with the resulting responses from council members listed below:

In light of the recent Superior Court decision regarding water billing in San Juan Capistrano, do you support refunding ratepayers for the amounts they have been overcharged on their water bills? Why or Why not?
SJC Councilman Roy Byrnes, MD

Councilman Roy Byrnes, MD: "Yes. As of now, the judge has ruled that the City of San Juan Capistrano has been guilty of overcharging the residents for water. I strongly believe that, if this is confirmed, the City has a legal and moral obligation to return the overcharge to the rate payers."

SJC Councilman Derek Reeve, Esq.
Councilman Derek Reeve: "If and when the judgment is finalized, I absolutely support a refund to any ratepayer who is found to have been overcharged on their water bills. It is critical that the city abide by the law and apply it equally to all of our residents. Furthermore, it is morally imperative that the city serve all of the residents and not exploit them for the benefit of special interest."

Council members Sam Allevato, Larry Kramer and John Taylor did not respond to the question.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking out for our backs on the water issue. Too bad the other three don't

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