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Letter to the Editor
Recall Rumors: 
Setting the Record Straight

I am one of many volunteers collecting signatures to recall Councilman Sam Allevato. I am encouraged to report that about 8 out of every 10 residents I talk to have signed the recall petition. I have also heard several false rumors circulating about the recall, and I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight.

Rumor #1: Everyone will be able to see my signature on the petition and know that I signed it.

FALSE. OC Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley has confirmed that signatures on recall petitions are confidential and that the signer has a constitutionally protected right to privacy. If anyone tells you that the public will be able to see your signature, they are not telling you the truth; please notify the OC Registrar of Voters at: 714-567-7600.

Rumor #2: The recall will cost $100,000 and is too expensive.

REALITY: The recall will cost approximately $93,000 which amounts to about $5 per resident. This is peanuts compared to the MILLIONS of dollars that Sam Allevato has cost us in irresponsible votes resulting in overcharges on our water bills, his insistence on continuing to run the Ground Water Recovery Plant which we cannot afford and in unnecessary legal fees.

Rumor #3: The recall will be held too close to the regular election; we should just wait.

REALITY: Sam Allevato is not up for re-election in November 2014. We residents deserve to be represented however, the current council majority is comprised of three council members who repeatedly vote to benefit special interests such as big developers who increase our cost of living and decrease our quality of life through more traffic and strain on infrastructure.

Unlike Sam Allevato and his supporters who are spending tens of thousands of dollars to insure that he holds on to his $360/month council position (ask yourself why), the recall group is comprised of residents who are all unpaid volunteers. We don’t have the deep pockets of developers and special interests; we are just average residents who love our town enough to try and preserve it. But we need your help! If you agree that our town is worth saving, please join us by collecting signatures from your neighbors, friends and family. Contact us at: .

Christie Smead
San Juan Capistrano


Anonymous said...

Sam Allevatos got to go! He and his developer buddies are ruining what used to be a scenic little town.

Anonymous said...

I really havn't researched Sam perhaps he needs to go, perhaps not I really don't know. But i keep hearing we cannot afford to run the ground water plant.

San Juan is a Basin essentially.
Here is some older info on it

We need the water and that cost money.
The amount of water taken out has to be limited to the safe yields. But we need it. We need it managed, We need it running.
Anyone suggesting that, if elected they are going to stop that facility Do NOT vote for them.
Water does not simply come from the tap.
It's all ground water and before that,it is snow cap. A very small percentage is stored in the clouds about .001%.
Hold them accountable Yes. But please don't vote in an ignorant idiot.

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