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Continuing Life Communities LLC (“CLC”) is proposing to develop a “very high-density” retirement community with 420 units in 3-story buildings plus a 120-bed long-term care medical facility on the Vermeulen property where Armstrong’s Nursery “growing grounds” currently reside. Armstrongs is moving to Ventura.
For purposes of comparison, we researched another comparably-sized Continuing Life Retirement Community, “University Village” in Thousand Oaks. ranks University Village as #1 on its “List of Largest Senior Active Facilities”. University Village has 367 units in three-story buildings set on 60 acres, compared to the proposed project which will have 420 units plus a medical facility.

As the planned medical facility is for non-emergency care only, Troy Bourne of CLC said medical emergencies will be transported to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo. That raises the question of timely treatment in the event of a medical emergency should the emergency vehicle be delayed by freight train or peak hour traffic at the Del Obispo Crossing.

According to Bourne, the company has not yet purchased the property. The property is currently zoned “agriculture/commercial” and must be re-zoned to “very high-density development”. CLC is currently working with traffic engineers to re-do the initial traffic study as “the code for use was too low,” according to Bourne.

The city council reviewed the proposed development plans at a recent council meeting and the majority indicated their willingness to grant the re-zone which would virtually insure the project would be built. However, the re-zone will come up for a final vote by the council at a future council meeting. The CCS will keep you apprised of the date of that vote. Development plans can be reviewed at the project site on the Armstrongs growing grounds property next to the Sports Park.


Tom Cavanaugh said...

Alipaz Street and its surrounding area is already saturated with housing tracts, condominium developments, industry, schools, commercial development, inconvenient train signals, high traffic volume and related parking issues. To the city council, Alipaz Street is the unwanted child to abuse at their whim, a push-over to boss around, they must not care what imposition they impose on our community, excessive density and high traffic volume is OK for them, as long as it's not in their backyard. San Juan City Council continues to do what it does best, to lessen the quality of our life.

Tom Cavanaugh
12 year Alipaz Street resident

christyjames said...

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