San Juan Capistrano

Letter to the Editor 
                 A Message to "San Juan Cares"

Dear San Juan Cares:

Please don't insult me by sending a "second request" to take a ridiculously worded and deliberately misleading survey. If you had sent a series of "honest" questions and you wanted "honest" answers, you wouldn't have sent such an elementary and very immature survey - and one that had only choices that would support your position.

I am pretty balanced in my opinions and thinking, but the emails you and Sam Allevato send to the residents are making you look very desperate and it appears that you are grasping on for dear life. Stop embarrassing yourselves - this is a terrible reflection of Sam Allevato and the other two city councilmen.

But then again, maybe it is an "exact" reflection of them......hmmmm; perhaps things are becoming more clear for me. I guess I should thank you.

- Terri S. (last name withheld on request)
San Juan Capistrano

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