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Results of a March 2014 informal survey conducted of Laguna Woods Village residents in the United Mutual reveal that of 300 respondents, 81% were opposed to demolishing Clubhouse 2 and building a Main Lounge.
The “Laguna Woods Village” website ( states the following about the proposed $18.7 million “Recreation Master Plan”:

“A financially prudent plan, half of the estimated $18 million investment will be funded through reserves that had been set aside for this very purpose; the other half will be funded through low interest rate loans that will be paid back through the Facilities Fee. This plan will NOT result in new or special assessments of Village...”

But residents and some of the mutual Board members question the legality of spending $18.7 million to demolish existing and construct new facilities without the vote or written consent of the homeowners.
Residents and Board members also question the truthfulness of the claim that the plan “will NOT result in new or special assessments...”  In January 2012 the Golden Rain Foundation (“GRF”) implemented a “Trust Facilities Fee” of $1,500 per sale of each home sold in Leisure World/Laguna Woods Village. In February 2014 the fee was increased to $2,500. Residents claim the reason for the fee increase is that the GRF determined that $1,500 on the sale of each home in the community would not cover the funds needed to construct the facilities in the Recreation Master Plan. Is this fee that is levied on the sale of each home “new or special assessment”? Some would argue yes.

Besides, say residents who have studied the Trust agreement and CC&Rs, the GRF did not have the authority or legal right to impose a Trust Facility Fee without the approval of the Homeowners.

Before construction can begin, the GRF must obtain a Conditional Use Permit (“CUP”) from the City of Laguna Woods for the new facility. The GRF is currently in the process of obtaining the CUP.

Coming in a future issue of the CCS:
  • Do you support spending $18 million on the “Recreation Master Plan”?
  • Do you think Laguna Woods Village residents and homeowners should vote on whether this is a prudent use of their money?
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Unknown said...

I'm a Local Real Estate Broker that works with the senior community. I'd build it and the people will come. It will pick up property value and enhance the entire community.

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