Laguna Woods Village

What’s On Your Wish List?

The CCS has received suggestions from residents of Laguna Woods Village about changes they would like to see made by a new GRF Board. Listed below are a few of these suggestions.

1. Implement a “conflict of interest” policy to discourage contracts awarded to vendors and/or contractors with close ties to GRF Board members and PCM Property Managers.

2. Implement a resolution that requires a majority vote (up to 2/3) of the homeowners before spending HOA dues over a set amount (to be determined).

3. Eliminate the requirement for unionized PCM staff (such as gardners).

4. Initiate a forensic audit of PCM expenditures on services/vendors/contractors; especially those that have not gone out for bid.

5. Implement a resolution to require obtaining at least three bids for construction projects.

Do you have any items to add to the “wish list”? If so, we want to hear from you! Email us at:, or mail your suggestions to the Community Common Sense, 30240 Rancho Viejo Rd., Suite A, San Juan Capistrano CA 92675. Suggestions will be printed in an upcoming issue.

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