Letter to the Editor - Laguna Woods Village

          "Let’s Fix What We Got"

My husband and I have lived in Laguna Woods Village for 20 happy years [but] I feel out- raged that GRF wants to spend our money (which in the end we pay) on a master plan that few people want. I go to the mini gym which is very well equipped and the bus passes from outside my door to the administration building.

Some times I go to the gym in club house one [as] Bus 8 goes there. Who wants to sit in the hot sun or rain in an open auditorium?

Our monthly assessments have doubled since we have lived here [yet] we have dry rot in our awnings for the past years, waiting until there is enough money to fix [them] and people in some areas have poor lighting. LW residents should be able to vote where the money goes - lets fix what we got.

Laguna Woods Village

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