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               Voting Records Prove 
             Helpful at Election Time

Prior to the June 3 Primary Election, I walked my Mission Viejo neighborhood and reminded everyone to vote. Some people told me they weren’t going to vote, and others said they didn’t know who to vote for. When so many candidates claim to be reformers and conservatives, it becomes difficult to tell which ones are genuine.

I have found Community Common Sense helpful with information on candidates. In December CCS published Anna Bryson’s voting record as a Capistrano school board trustee, and in January CCS published Frank Ury’s Mission Viejo council voting record. Bryson’s votes didn’t match her claims of being an education reformer, and Ury’s votes didn’t match his conservative claims.

Bryson lost her bid for an Assembly seat after spending a lot of money on mailers. Ury’s run for the Board of Supervisors ended despite three successful city council campaigns. Voters deserve credit for eliminating candidates with bad voting records, and CCS deserves credit for shining a light on them. Neighbors I spoke with said the mail they received from candidates became excessive, and it didn’t help them make a decision.

The large newspapers should follow CCS’s lead and focus on facts like voting records instead of favoring editorial employees’ political buddies. One reason we have low-information voters is the low-information news outlets.

Donna Snow
Mission Viejo

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