Letter to the Editor - Mission Viejo


I appreciate the news that you provide through your newsletter. I read [a] story about which towns lead the country in sprawl growth from 2000 - 2010, and Mission Viejo is at the tops of the list. The city council and mayors of Mission Viejo just can't say no to developers or their contributions. I hope you can include this in your newsletter including a list of city council members who are on the take with the developers.


Tom Meyer
Mission Viejo

Editor’s note: We reviewed the report Mr. Meyer referenced in his letter, and found the following:
According to a report in “The Atlantic City Lab”, Mission Viejo ranks fourth in the nation of urban areas that gained the most compactness from 2000 - 2010.

Lead researchers on the rankings, Reid Ewing and Shima Hamidi of the University of Utah, scored the largest 162 U.S. urbanized areas on the Sprawl Index or “Compactness Index”. The report looks at four metrics; density, land use mix, activity centering, and street accessibility. 

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