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Crony leadership in the three communities we serve are threatening our advertisers and placing illegal restrictions on the circulation of this newspaper. You can help us fight back by subscribing to the Community Common Sense (CCS). Your subscription will ensure that the newspaper is delivered directly to you without threat of interruption from those seeking to control the message.

Listed below are examples of comments made to our Advertising Director, Kim McCarthy. Some names are withheld, but these comments will give you an idea of the lengths those in power will go to silence the CCS:

  • You have not done anything wrong, the advertising was working. The owner just told me to pay you for the contract but not run any ads. A close friend of his told him not to continue advertising in the CCS.”
  • “The CCS is rubbish!” - Mission Viejo City Councilman Frank Ury when asked about his voting record, based on Public Records and printed in the January 2014 issue of the CCS. Remark was made during a candidate forum for the OC Board of Supervisors primary race, June 2014.
  • “I would like to advertise in your paper but these guys will stop at nothing. Here’s a donation…please keep up the good work...”
  • “Some old timers in wealthy neighborhoods are threatening not to do business with me if I continue to advertise in your paper.”
  • “You are required to submit every issue of your paper to PCM for approval before being granted a permit to distribute in Laguna Woods Village.” - Wendy Panizza, PCM property management employee. Requirement violates court ruling allowing distribution of news publications in LWV. 
  • “City employees who live in town called and said they would not do business with me if I advertise with you.”
  • “[Former SJC City Council member] Laura Freese says you and your paper are hate mongers. She is angry we are advertising with you and not in her coupon mailer anymore.”
  • “[SJC Councilman] Sam Allevato keeps coming in the back door to see me and I keep going out the front…I can’t take this anymore.”
  • “[Two SJC ‘Open Space’ land purchase negotiators] have been in to see me twice, I’m sorry I have to cancel.”
  • “[A Rancho Mission Viejo Company executive] says you’re nuts and you write bad things about him. I don’t agree but I can’t risk my business.” 
  • “Powerful people from the Mission and the City threatened not to use my restaurant if I continued to advertise with you. I’m afraid; the city has the power to close me down.”

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Anonymous said...

The concert at the Mission on Saturday was cancelled because of rain. But the executive director of the Mission held a private concert for her friends that night. City commissioners Tom Ostenson and Steve Behmerwold attended. That is a big gift from the mission. Can they accept gifts? They might have paid for a concert that night but will they go to the make up concert? Seems like they're bought and paid for by the mission.

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