Letter to the Editor - San Juan Capistrano

             New Development 
       a Not-So-Welcome Change

Good news, San Juan Capistrano residents! Big changes are coming your way!! Your City Council, who you helped elect, is working diligently to transform your beloved hometown into something you won’t even recognize. Their hearts are so big they’re embracing the needs of the outside community, rather than indulge the wants of their own small constituency. Instead of giving in to small-minded and self-indulgent concerns of residents who want to keep our little town neighborly and pleasant, they’re looking ahead to the capital they can make from the developers and the bed taxes they can collect, so they can continue to over-spend on our behalf.

As you may already know, three of the projects they’re currently planning for our small town are The Shops at Capistrano, Urban Village’s San Juan Hotel & Villas, and Speiker Development’s Laguna Glen Continuing Care Retirement Community. Of course, there are many other developments they’re working on as well, but just these three projects alone will turn more than 41 acres of our town into high-density developments, meaning more outstanding architecture surrounding us, more of our abundant water supply being used up, more time spent idling in our cars smiling at our new neighbors! They’re expected to generate well over 3,400 additional vehicle trips in our town each day! You think traffic’s fun now? Just wait!

If that all sounds good to you and you’d like to thank our civic leaders as much as I would, for knowing what’s best for us better than we do, please remember them at re-election time this coming November.

Shelley Bachelder
San Juan Capistrano

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