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  Letter to the Editor 
                     Thumbs Up on Wish List     

I agree with your "Wish List" printed in the CCSense. These are good safeguards against "human nature".

Frank Q.
Laguna Woods Village

Letter to the Editor 

         Speaking of a Wish List...

Can we forbid absentee owners to rent their inherited condos to welfare recipients, persons on disability, registered sex offenders, persons on parole or probation, and (worse) renting by the room to different renters?

In an 8-condo building, 2 condos in a neighborhood are rented by the room. Do we have to share our neighborhood with such persons?

A condo owner
(Name withheld on request)
                                                                    Letter to the Editor 
                     The Importance of Voting

Laguna Woods Village pays PCM to manage the work needed to operate our community. Our elected boards provide oversight of that work [and outside contractors]. Laguna Woods is beautiful and well-cared for.

Perhaps the most important duty of the board members is to see that our costs are kept under control. This has worked fairly well for 50 years. The officers who are elected by the residents have usually been above reproach as far as conflicts of interests are concerned.

In recent times however, the Golden Rain Foundation Board embarked on what seemed to be excessive over-spending. A Recreation Master Plan to spend more then 18 million dollars in the next two years was rolled out in an almost obsessive, heavy handed manner. It would also create more monthly charges to operate another building. Yet when members showed objection and concern, GRF President Lynn Dvorak ordered them removed from the room by security. The [Board] officers seemed so aggressive in regard to their plan that one had to wonder why they would not allow the residents who were being indebted, to vote on it or even object to it in an open meeting.
The honesty of our boards is not usually questioned. I have been told that Larry Sousa and Marv Rosenhaft were signers on the 10 Million Dollar Loan, along with Lynn Dvorak. The terms were extremely unfriendly to the Village. When looking to see who would benefit from such a loan, it would mainly be PCM and the selected contractors, but there is no proof that anyone was paid a finders or referral fee by Bank of America. Thank goodness that loan has been cancelled.

This illustrates why everyone should [make sure] they vote. Do not be complacent because this place has been here for 50 years; many countries have been decimated by elected people who abuse their power.

Betty Salazar
Laguna Woods Village

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