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             City Hall Underestimates Reaction         

The Coronado neighborhood in south Mission Viejo fought City Hall and won. Congratulations to the citizens who live near Avery Parkway for their July 14 victory.

The City Planning Commission received a proposal from Saddleback College to allow parking on Avery Parkway. Amazingly, the city staff was supporting the proposal against the wishes of the residents. Maybe the city staff underestimated the ability of the neighborhood to fight off another traffic problem. Residents mobilized, and the college withdrew the proposal.

Following is an example of a Coronado resident’s protest, which was sent to city officials and entered into the public record:
“… I live at the south end of MV, off Avery Parkway. I am writing this email to share my disdain for the thought of opening up Avery Parkway for student parking for Saddleback College. My personal opinion is that the college makes money, and they should have started building parking structures a long time ago. We in the Coronado homes have been burdened by the City’s lack of care, an understanding where the college and Capo High School are concerned, for as long as I’ve lived here. I don’t know if you know, or even give a rat’s [deleted] about the excessive traffic problems near Avery and Marguerite caused by the City’s lack of vision and planning, but it’s easily the worst traffic mess in the City. I vehemently oppose allowing the college to further strain our community for their own gain. May I just say, GET YOUR [deleted] TOGETHER!!!! The City Council is a joke. I love how they ask for our input before they turn around and do the exact opposite of our desires anyway. How about you guys just annex our homes by eminent domain and then turn our lots into free parking for the college, high school, golf course or hotel. That seems to be what you’d prefer. In closing, I can only say [deleted] to the City of MV. You all [deleted].”

I have removed some words in the above copy, but the original document can be found on the city’s website, http://dms.cityofmissionviejo.org/sirepub/cache/2/v2xuul2iltlrzxuabegos3ml/280409908022014015643311.PDF, page 47.

Donna Snow
Mission Viejo

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