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                 "No” to the Status Quo

I just received a copy of a campaign statement from city council candidate Stephanie Frisch that raises some serious concerns.

Frisch is proposing “parking solutions” for the "growing parking problem" in the downtown area, which has become over-crowded and at times impossible to park for shopping and dining.

The first thing that struck me is the irony in Frisch acknowledging a problem that the council men she supports; Sam Allevato, Larry Kramer and John Taylor, helped to create.

The second thing that occurred to me is, isn't this one of the jobs of the Transportation Commission? If not, it should be. Duplicating efforts by creating even more committees just contributes to more red tape and bureaucracy. Establishing committees are one of the few things Government bureaucrats are good at. That’s not a compliment. How many "Blue Ribbon Commissions" have we convened over the past 20 years to study the downtown development plan - and at what cost?
Especially concerning however, is Frisch’s proposal to sue the state if they don't give redevelopment agency properties back to the city which she said could then be used for parking structures and parking lots. Just what we need; another expensive lawsuit with a highly questionable chance of success. But no matter I suppose, when it’s other people’s money. The problem is that it’s our money being squandered on these losing lawsuits by spendthrift politicians.

I have a simple solution; how about the council majority of Sam Allevato, Larry Kramer and John Taylor (all of whom Frisch supports) stop approving every development that comes before them, unless real traffic solutions are found (not the phony "mitigations" that only back up traffic further)?

Nah...that would run counter to Frisch and the council majority's desire to "generate revenue" - no matter how negatively it impacts the residents of San Juan whose taxes support so much of this over-development and over-crowding and who are left to pay the price through increased traffic and debt.

In my opinion, the leadership in San Juan has utterly failed the residents. The current council majority continues their push to transform San Juan into something unrecognizable to those of us who moved here for the small town character. Stephanie Frisch in her promotion of more development on the backs of residents and through her support of the current leadership, demonstrates that she’s part of the problem. I know who I won’t be voting for in November. Unless you want more of the same, I suggest San Juan voters do the same.

J. Simonson
San Juan Capistrano

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